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Preston Innovations Matchman of the Year qualifiers, Feb.21-22

* Burton Angling Supplies WL, Trent and Mersey Canal, Burton and Willington, Derbyshire. Sun, 48. Andy Beesley (Shakespeare Agility) 8-0-13, two big perch to poled lobworm plus of roach to 1 lb on bloodworm, end peg A9 behind Burton Mill House; Sam Barker (Burton Angling Supplies) 4-9-11; Simon Nickless (Burton Angling Supplies) 2-10-3; Dave McCall (Shakespeare Superteam) 2-10-2; Darran Bickerton (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 2-3-10; Pete Allwood (Measham Red) 2-0-7. Teams: Shakespeare Agility 13; Burton Angling Supplies 14; Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 16; Shakespeare Superteam 18. League: Shakespeare Agility 53; Matrix Dynamite Trentmen 62; Shakespeare Superteam 64; Burton Angling Supplies 96; Measham Red 109; Fosters’ Army 109.

* George Barker WL, Grand Union Canal, Foxton to Theddingworth, Leics. Sun, 48. Paul Cowern (Browning Black) 4-10-0, roach to 5 oz, poled bread punch, peg A2 at Foxton; Matt Collerson (Browning Red) 4-8-8; John Shepley (Browning Gold) 3-14-0; Chris Smith (Browning Central A) 3-9-0; Dan Jones (Sensas Tackle Hub) 2-14-0; Peter Laughton (Irthlingborough) 2-5-0. Teams: Browning Black 38; Browning Gold 37; Browning Central A 37; Preston Innovations Black Horse 36; Sensas Tackle Hub and Browning Blue both 33. League: Browning Black 5; Browning Central A 7; Preston Innovations Black Horse 9; Browning Blue 13; Wellingborough 16; Browning Red 19.

* HAJAC WL, Old Nene, Factory Bank, Whittlesey Dyke and Raveley Drain, Cambs. Sun, 69. Andy Mead (Stanjay Posh) 27-13-0, seven tench, poled worm and caster, pegged beside wires on Old Nene at Benwick; Craig Shaw (Garbolino RAF) 14-5-0; Graham Welton (Garbolino RAF) 11-1-8; Anthony Williams (Browning Hot Rods Silver Light) 10-7-0; Luke Butterworth (Garbolino RAF) 8-12-0; John Bates (Sensas Mark One White) 8-8-0. Teams: Garbolino RAF 20; Stanjay Posh 24; Sensas Mark One White 25; Stanjay Silver 30; Browning Hot Rods Elite 31; Stanjay Gold 34. League: Stanjay Posh 7; Stanjay Gold 9; Sensas Mark One White and Browning Hot Rods Elite both 13; Maver Bait-Tech 15; Garbolino RAF 17.

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