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BIG BATTLE – only in this week’s Angler’s Mail magazine. Read a brilliant 6-page feature where Preston Innovations-Angler’s Mail Matchman of the Year Andy Bennett (left) pole fishes against Mail columnist Steve Collett, on the waggler.


Aldercar Lane, Langley Mill, Notts. Tues, 10, Railway Lake. Tony Bevan (Stanton) 44-4-0, carp to 5 lb, poled soft pellet, peg 12; Andy Mason (Aldercar Lane) 33-14-0. Wed, 21, Veterans, Acorn Lake. Dave Lawrence (Aldercar Lane) 37-5-0, all silvers, poled chopped worm and caster, peg 32; Robin Hallam (Aldercar Lane) 33-4-0; Dennis Plackett (Cotmanhay) 30-2-0. Sun, 22, Railway Lake. Bryn Turner (Notts AA) 33-4-0, all silvers, poled chopped worm and caster, peg 14; Andy Mason (Aldercar Lane) 24-13-0; Dave Needham (SC Floats) 23-1-0; Lee Payling (Peg One Angling) 22-11-0.

Aubrey Cup Charity, Jansons Fishery, Elton, Notts. Wed, 36, Tomo’s, Match and Munroe pools. Tony Billington (Jansons) 101-5-0, two carp for 24 lb plus smaller carp, ide, rudd and skimmers, Tomo’s peg 1; Alan Houghton (Jansons) 88-11-0; Nigel Ballaam (Grantham) 75-15-0; Vince Ciampoli (Jansons) 72-9-0; K. Pope (Jansons) 69-3-0. £950 raised in aid of MIND and MacMillan Nurses.

Chestnut Pool, Langford, Beds. Sun, 13, silvers. Michael Buchwalder (Preston Innovations) 72-2-0, skimmers and roach, poled pellet, peg 3; Ronan Ryan (Popletts) 71-15-0; Andy Dilley (Chestnut Pool) 44-11-0.

Cobbleacre Lakes, near Norwich. Tues, 9. Dennis Goodwin (North Walsham) 51-5-0, carp, feeder; Steve Rouse (Martham) 42-3-0. Sat, 12. Ade Moore (Avenue Angling) 82-15-0, catmeat in margins; Jamie Turner (Buxton) 40-10-0; Damian Moore (Avenue Angling) 33-14-0.

Cross Drove, Hockwold, Norfolk. Wed, 28. Simon Easey (Stanjays) 52-9-0 carp to 10 lb and F1s to 5 lb, corn and pellet, 14.5m, peg 55; Pete Norman (Kev’s Tackle) 44-14-0; Glen Burden (Cross Drove) 42-5-0; Paul Norman (Kev’s Tackle) 35-2-0; Mark Pollard (Shimano Dynamite) 34-8-0. Sat, 34. Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 73-4-0, carp to 8 lb and F1s to 4 lb, pellet and corn, 13m, peg 58; Chris Vandervleit (Drennan Bowlers Bait-Tech) 53-9-0; Jamie Thompson (Cross Drove) 49-14-0; Stewart Bracey (Shimano Dynamite) 49-5-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich) 44-15-0. Sun, 36. Mark Pollard (Shimano Dynamite) 59-3-0, F1s and brown goldfish to 4 lb, pellet and corn, 10m, peg 67; Mick Dixon (Garbolino RAF) 40-2-0; Tony Watling (Cross Drove) 40-0-0; Pete Walthew (Cross Drove) 37-9-0; Andy Leathers (Browning Hot Rods) 36-8-0.

Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, Cambs. Tues, 15, Beastie and Horseshoe lakes. Chris Barley (Finedon) 126-9-0, carp to 7 lb, feeder and meat, poled corn in margins, Beastie peg 30; Tom Edwards (Decoy) 111-8-0; Neil Adcock (Browning Hot Rods) 100-0-0. Sat, 36, Beastie and Yew. Shaun Coton (Decoy) 162-3-0, carp to 9 lb, poled pellet down the edge, Yew peg 22; Nigel Baxter (Bag’em) 160-5-0; Steve Pell (Spalding) 150-12-0; Jay Richardson (Decoy) 126-13-0. Sun, 30, Willows. Barry Mason (Guru/Bag’em) 105-4-0, carp to 7 lb, feeder with various baits down edge, peg 24; Jimmy Brooks (Middy) 80-4-0; Tom Edwards (Decoy) 78-9-0; Simon Dow (Decoy) 62-10-0.

Fish 4 5+5k, Water Meadows Fishery, Chapel St. Leonards, Lincs. Sat, Moat Lake, 30. Brian Elliott (Ashfield) 64-10-0, carp to 8 lb, poled corn on deck, peg 16; Chris Bonsall (Water Meadows) 55-5-0; Nathan Underwood (Water Meadows) 52-3-0. Qualifiers: Mark Belcher, Bob Smith, Nathan Underwood, Wayne Smith. Sun, Moat, 30. Mark Griggs (Middy) 97-12-0, carp to 8 lb, poled maggot on the deck, peg 42; John Foster (Water Meadows) 84-12-0; Ashley Pimperton (Water Meadows) 67-2-0; Darren Smith (Water Meadows) 62-4-0. Qualifiers: John Foster, Martin Kenny, Darren Pimperton, Terry O’ Hanley.




Best hooker pellets, Andy Bennett v Steve Collett and much more is in this week's must-read issue of Angler's Mail mag, on sale from Tuesday, April 15.
Best hooker pellets, Andy Bennett v Steve Collett and much more is in this week’s must-read issue of Angler’s Mail mag, on sale from Tuesday, April 15.


Graham’s Pond, Huntingdon, Cambs. Sat. 10, Tony Watling (Graham’s Pond) 19-2-0, carp and silvers, Method feeder, corn and bread, peg 3; Ben Townsend (Graham’s Pond) 10-15-0.

Head Fen, Pymoor, Cambs. Sun, 18. Matt Ayers (Dents) 142-8-0, bread shallow and down track, Snake peg 16; Brendan Strowgler (Townsend Lakes) 83-8-0; Mark Cross (Newmarket) 78-12-0; Jeff Arnold (Newmarket) 75-6-0.

Jansons Ind Spring League, Match Pool, Elton, Notts. Sat, 21. Vince Ciampoli (Jansons) 75-3-0, carp to 3 lb, ide, rudd and skimmers, peg 11; Roy Redwood (Jansons) 64-9-0; Jason Sahall (Jansons) 60-14-0; Steve Aylward (Jansons) 59-14-0.

Lakeview, Holwell, Leics. Sun, 32, Serpent, Canal and Lagoon lakes. Steve Hayward (Middy) 86-2-0, F1s and mirror carp, poled pellet, Serpent peg 17; Roger Parnell (Lakeview Select) 62-7-0; Ken Daws (Sensas) 60-8-0; Keith Daws (Lakeview Select) 56-1-0; Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 54-4-0; Kev Kania (Lakeview Select) 53-14-0.

Park Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. Sun, 13, Great Estate Lake. Pete Brown (Mansfield Woodhouse) 52-8-0, 16 carp, bomb and meat at long range, peg 51; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 51-4-0; Eddy Musgrove (Mansfield Woodhouse) 48-4-0.

Sherwood Forest Farm Park Fishery, Edwinstowe, Notts. Tues, Sherwood Lake, 17. Mick Burrell (Gateford Angling Supplies) 46-7-0, ide, skimmers and carp to 3 lb, pole and caster at 6 metres, peg 41; Dave Round (Woodhouse Angling) 44-7-0; John Urruty (Alfreton Angling) 44-5-0. Wed. Holmedale Lake, 22. Sam Kelk (Kinky Pellet) 113-8-0, carp to 7 lb, poled pellet at 14 metres, paste at 6 metres, peg 39; Kristian Powers (Sherwood) 97-15-0; Richard Allen (Kinky Pellet) 97-0-0. Sun, Holmedale Lake, 31. Chris Greensides (Matrix Dynamite Trentmen) 123-4-0, 36 carp to 6 lb, pellet shallow at 13m, peg 41; Andy Lakey (Worksop Angling) 94-8-0; Sam Kelk (Kinky Pellet) 91-12-0; Andy Morley (Sherwood) 84-15-0.

Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Lincs. Tues, Skylark Lake, 24. Dave Parlett (Tydd Gote) 47-4-0, carp, feeder with red maggot, peg 29; Chris White (Lincoln Whisby) 32-12-0; Gareth Mills (Spilsby AC) 32-6-0; Brian Harding (Maver Bait Tech) 29-10-0. Thurs, Skylark, 42. Brian Thompson (Westwood Lakes) 82-0-0, carp, F1s, bream and tench, poled paste at 9m, peg 29; Janusz Kedzierski (Polska) 62-14-0; Dave Robinson (Lincoln Vets) 60-8-0; Jim Smith (Westwood Lakes) 60-6-0. Sat, 18, Skylark. Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait-Tech) 55-0-0, carp, F1’s, barbel and bream, poled worm and caster across to the island and down the track, peg 29; Paul Ogilsbee (Westwood Lakes) 51-10-0. Sun, 33, Skylark. Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait-Tech) 71-0-0, carp and F1s, poled expander over 2mm feed, peg 1; Gareth Mills (Spilsby AC) 51-8-0; Stan Stankvich (Westwood Lakes) 50-6-0; Daniel Abbott (Westwood Lakes) 49-10-0; Steve Lane (Marukyu WW Lakes) 46-2-0.

Willow Lake, near Norwich. Sat, 18. Jess Knights (Harleston) 66-2-0, carp to 8 lb, catmeat in margins; Matthew Rowntree (Bawdeswell) 65-0-0; Kevin Ford (Barford Tackle) 51-2-0; Chris Knights jnr (Harleston) 44-9-0

Willow Lakes, Foston, Lincs. Sat, 16, Ash and Hawthorn lakes. Ian Palfreyman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 90-8-0, 24 carp, poled dog biscuit and pellet, Hawthorn peg 17; Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 81-8-0; Paul Kimberley (Team Zimba) 59-0-0.




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