East Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan qualifiers for October 23/24 2010

Boston Winter League, Round Three, Bargate Drain. 52. G. ‘Mac’ Mclaughlin (Wainfleet AC) 39-1-0, bream, skimmers and roach, pole, chopped worm and maggot, Horncastle Road; Steve Hill (Horncastle) 16-5-0; Phil Foster (Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County White) 15-10-0; Ben Brighton (Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County Red) 11-7-0; Don Green (Team Milldon) 11-3-0; Nick Goodley (Maver Bait-Tech) 10-6-0. Teams: Div. 1: Garbolino Lincs County Red 23; Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County Black 22; DVA 20; Team Milldon and Horncastle both 14; Maver Bait-Tech 10. Div. 2: Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County White and Wainfleet AC both 17; Fishtoft AC and Boston Angling Centre Green both 13; Lamy’s Lambs and Boston Angling Centre Yellow both 11. League: Div. 1: Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County Red 65; Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County Black 60; Team Milldon 58; DVA 57; Maver Bait-Tech 43; Horncastle 26. Div 2: Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County White 54; Fishtoft 49; Boston Angling Centre Yellow 41; Lammy’s Lamb 39; Wainfleet AC 34; Boston Angling Centre Green 32.

Dynamite Baits Matchman Supplies, Phases 1, 2 and 3, Dynamite Baits Makin’s, Wolvey, Warwickshire. Sun. 87. Ken Daws (KFC), 85-0-0, carp to 10 lb, 17m pole and corn, peg 16; Steve Cooke (Dynamite Ringers) 59-0-0, carp, pole and corn, peg 16; Ian Brown (Dynamite Brown) 53-14-0; Alan Heawood (Team Daiwa) 48-0-0; Mark Griffiths (Rollys) 38-8-0; Jason Thomas (Derby Fish’O’Mania) 37-14-0. Teams: Team Daiwa 5; Dynamite Brown and Mosella both 7; Rollys 9; Mansfield Angling Gold and Max Angling both 12. League: Dynamite Brown 18; Max Angling 19; KFC and Mosella both 21; BSM 23; Team Daiwa and Redfins Angling both 25.

East Midlands Winter League Practise, River Cam, Cambridge. Sun. 62. Sean Higginbottom (Maver Bait-Tech) 41-0-0, ten bream and perch, pole, caster and chopped worm, three below the A14 bridge; Anthony Williams (Browning Hot Rods) 13-10-0; Ty Harding (Maver Bait-Tech) 10-10-0; Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait-Tech) 8-8-0; Trevor Oakman (Fox Match Stanjay) 7-12-0; Ricky Young (Browning Hot Rods) 7-9-0.

Soar Valley Winter League, Round Three, River Soar, Barrow to Kegworth, Leicestershire. Sun. 70. Derek Hornet (Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen) 30-5-0, chub to 4 lb, stick float and maggot, Osiers 3; Dale Lynch (Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen) 20-9-0; Dave Petch (Quorn Van den Eynde) 19-2-0; Alan Wright (Long Eaton Federation) 14-11-0; Joe Oakes (Wigston AS) 12-10-0; Pete Marlow (Leicester Sensas) 12-1-0. Teams: Quorn Van den Eynde 29; Leicester Sensas 31; Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen 35; Long Eaton Federation 43; Maver Loughborough Soar and Wigston AS both 44; Bennetts 54. League: Quorn Van den Eynde 3; Dynamite Fox Match Trentmen 8; Leicester Sensas 9; Maver Loughborough Soar 14; Long Eaton Federation and Wigston both 15; Bennetts 18.


Cross Drove, near Mildenhall, Suffolk. Wed. 17. Tony Watling (Fox Match) 78-0-0, skimmers to 3 lb, brown goldfish to 2 lb, 11m pole, pellet, peg 46; Mark Pollard (Fox Dynamite) 42-12-0;Tony Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 40-14-0; Alan Tuck (Van den Eynde) 36-14-0; John Millard (Cross Drove) 35-15-0; Adam Hayward (Cross Drove) 34-7-0. Sat. 21. Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Angling Direct) 62-12-0, brown goldfish and small F1s to 1 lb 8 oz,13m pole, pellet and maggot, peg 5; Rodney Finch (Deben) 58-6-0; Craig Nichlos (Cross Drove) 57-8-0; Vince Cross (Ixworth) 57-6-0; Dave Reeve (Cross Drove) 45-8-0; Steve Clarke (Maver Image Van den Eynde) 43-0-0. Sun. 25. Mark Pollard (Fox Match Dynamite Baits) 58-3-0, F1s to 3 lb, brown goldfish and skimmers to 2 lb,13m pole, pellet and maggot, peg 1; Rodney Finch (Deben) 45-1-0; Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 44-6-0; Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 43-11-0; Dave Rawlings (Stanjays) and Glen Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct) both 43-8-0.

Dynamite Makin’s, Wolvey. Kobra Open. Lake 2. Wed. 14. Pete Eden (Syston Casters) 38-0-0, seven carp, Method and straight lead and pellet, peg A20; Shaun Claire (Dynamite Matchman Supplies) 32-2-0; Baz Smithson (Gedling Tackle) 30-10-0; John Adamson (Kobra Feeders         ) 26-0-0. Thu. Avon. 15. Phil Porter (Rugby) 13-10-0, poled worm and caster, peg 2; John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 11-0-0; Dave Kent (Long Eaton Victoria AS) 10 -2-0.

East Delph, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire. Sun. Big Lake. 18. Kevin Stokes (East Delph) 54-0-0, carp to 8 lb, pole and meat, peg 6; Wally Warbuoys (East Delph) 45-8-0; Joe Sprockett (East Delph) 29-0-0.

GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire. Wed. 10. John Berry (Mansfield Angling Centre) 35-4-0, six carp, pole and pellet, Chestnut 6; Fred Bennett (Grantham Goat) 34-12-0; Kevin Kania (Avanti Used Tackle) 33-6-0; John Kania (Avanti Used Tackle) 19-10-0; Paul Johnson (Willow Lakes) 16-4-0; Lennie Burton (Mansfield Youth) 16-0-0. Sat. 25. Pete Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 75-0-0, carp to 10 lb, pole and double maggot, Chestnut 3; John Berry (Mansfield Angling Centre) 50-6-0; Paul White (Thurnscoe Coronation AC) 48-2-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 38-10-0; George Kimberley (Team Zimba) 35-2-0; Kevin Wyatt (Maid Marion AC) 33-0-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Leicestershire. Veterans, Marina Pool. Wed. 11. Chris Shore (Lakeview Select) 45-0-0, carp, pole and pellet; Ray Redwood (Victoria Tackle) 34-0-0; John Bramley (The Fish) 30-0-0; Ernie Waterfall (Lakeview Select) 21-8-0; Pete Sisson (Lakeview Select) 20-4-0; John Wagstaff (Lakeview Select) 19-4-0. Sat. Veterans, Marina Pool. 10. Chris Shore (Lakeview Select) 41-8-0, carp, pole and pellet; John Cooke (Lakeview Select) 31-8-0; Roy Toulson (Notts Federation) 26-8-0; Rob Taylor (Notts AA) 19-4-0; Roger Holmes (Victoria Tackle) 14-12-0. Sat. Canal Pool. 15. Martin Thackery (Lakeview Select) 51-4-0, carp, pole, pellet and sweetcorn, peg 1; Gary Cox (Lakeview Select) and Steve Haywood (Middy) both 47-4-0; Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 33-8-0; Dean Clare (Lakeview Baits) 28-4-0; Steve Bentley (Lakeview Select) 24-0-0. Sun. Canal Pool. 15. Kevin Kania (Lakeview Select) 28-12-0, carp, pole, pellet and maggot, peg 15; John Bramley (The Fish) 26-8-0; Martin Thackery (Lakeview Select) 23-8-0; Gerry Woodcock (Gerry’s of Nottingham) 22-7-0; S. Allcock (Lakeview Select) 21-4-0; Richard Hibbert (Lakeview Select) 16-12-0.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Nottingham. Sherwood Lake. Tue. 16. John Holmes (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 42-6-0, ten carp to 6 lb, poled sweetcorn, peg 40; John Mosley (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 36-7-0; Fred Bispham (Peg One Angling Centre) 30-15-0; Mick Lysaght (Rivendell AC) 27-12-0; Dave Round (Mansfield Busmen AC) 22-2-0; John Wooff (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 22-0-0. Wed. Holmedale. 22. Mick Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 89-4-0, 20 carp, poled pellet, peg 5; Lee Parker (Phil’s Bait & Tackle) 74-2-0; Jason Thomas (Subfish Tackle) 64-14-0; Jon Darby (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 55-9-0; Pete Hodgetts (Sensas Mansfield Angling) 44-12-0; Andy Lakin (Worksop) 44-8-0. Sun. Holmedale. 24. Greg Cooper (Subfish Tackle) 109-6-0, 26 carp, Method feeder with sweetcorn and meat, peg 25; John Woodland (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 85-6-0; Pete Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 67-11-0; Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait & Tackle) 57-9-0; Alex Sheppard (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 51-9-0; Carl Hatton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 50-10-0.

Suffolk Water Park, near Ipswich. Sun. 19. Richard Watson (Nisa Waveney) 95-0-0, Method feeder, sweetcorn and bread, peg 2 Match Lake 1; Jamie Gooderam (Nisa Waveney) 88-12-0; Brett Claver (Ipswich) 72-1-0; Ricky Flower (Ipswich) 50-10-0; Aarron Coleman (Suffolk Water Park/Bait-Tech) 48-1-0; Darren Clarke (Suffolk Water Park/Bait-Tech) 35-8-0.

Teams of Four Winter League, Second Round, Head Fen, near Ely. Sun. 32. Snake Lake. James Collison (Anglers Corner Gold) 79-12-0, 40 carp, pellet and corn, down track and far ledge, peg 4; Jimmy Brooks (Anglers Corner Gold) 78-10-0; Marcus Bailey (Bunch of Wagglers) 72-4-0. Trev’s Lake: Richard Bond (Blue Boys) 52-13-0, carp to 5 lb, maggot feeder to island, peg 35; Tim Dubrowa (Blue Boys) 49-14-0; Mark Cross (Shipshape Tackle B) 40-12-0. Teams: Blue Boys and Anglers Corner Gold both 13; Shipshape Tackle B 15; Suffolk’s Finest 16; Anglers Corner Blue 19; Shipshape Tackle A 21. League: Anglers Corner Gold 3; Shipshape Tackle B 6; Shipshape Tackle A 7; Blue Boys 8; Anglers Corner Blue and Suffolk’s Finest both 9.

Westwood Lakes, Boston, Lincolnshire. Skylark Lake. Tue. 14. Steve Lane (Castle Angling Club) 60-1-0, carp and ide, pole, pellet and maggot, peg 35; Paul Summer (Daylight Baits) 56-12-0; Graham Young (Louth Angling Club) 50-10-0. Thu. Over 50s, Skylark Lake. 14. Briam Thompson (Orchard Park) 20-4-0, carp and ide, poled maggot, peg 26; Don Green (Westwood Lakes) 19-8-0; John Gooden (Westwood Lakes) 17-3-0. Sun. Kestrel Lake. 18. Gary Shinn (Lincs Elite) 40-4-0, ide, waggler and maggot, peg 11; Steve Lane (Castle Angling Club) 36-9-0; Ron Roberts (Orchard Park) 29-12-0; Stuart Holden (Westwood Lakes) 23-14-0.