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Match fishing results

Aldercar Lane Fishery, Heanor, Nottinghamshire, Tues. Snipe Pool, 10. Pete Warren (Middy) 37-1-0, carp and silvers, pole and feeder fished pellet, peg 7; Eric Nelson (Eastwood Angling) 22-1-0; James Stevenson (Bait Tech) 19-8-0; Ivor Lister (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 11-8-0; Chris Ball (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 8-7-0; Tony Bevan (Stanton) 7-15-0. Wed. Veterans, Railway and Acorn Pools, 16. Ted Newman (Mill Tackle) 37-15-0, carp and silvers, poled maggot and pellet, peg 22 Acorn; Brian Taylor (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 25-15-0; Mark Hutsby (Mill Tackle) 25-9-0; Eric Nelson (Eastwood Angling) 22-7-0; Alan Gilbourne (Mansfield Piscatorials) 20-3-0; Pete Bradbury (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 13-5-0; Sun. Individual Winter League, Railway Pool, 11. Brian Elliott (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 20-10-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet and maggot, peg 8; Kevin Albrighton (Peg One Angling) 17-4-0; Alan Gilbourne (Mansfield Piscatorials) 15-5-0; Ian Vasey (Notts AA) 15-3-0; Ivor Lister (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 12-0-0; Trevor Johnson (Aldercar Lane Fishery) 11-11-0.


Cross Drove, near Mildenhall. Wed.13. Mark Pollard (Shimano Stanjays) 46-12-0, F1s and carp to 8 lb, 14.5m pole, bread, peg 33; Rodney Finch (Deben) 46-10-0; Alan Tuck (Van den Eynde Angling Direct) 35-0-0; Mick Hanks (Daiwa Angling Direct) 33-8-0; James Drakulic (Maver Image) 30-13-0; Jim Barrowman (PW Angling) 29-0-0. Sat. 26. Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Middy) 29-12-0, F1s and skimmers to 3 lb, 11mtr pole maggot, peg 1; Mick Bartrum (Daiwa Angling Direct) 28-2-0; James Drakulic (Maver Image) 28-0-0; Tony Evans (Dynamite Middy) 20-4-0; Reg Bryanton (Deben) 18-8-0; Rodney Finch (Deben) 18-0-0. Sun. 10. Dave Reeve (Daiwa Angling Direct) 45-0-0, F1s, brown goldfish to 4 lb, 14.5m pole, bread and maggot, peg 1; Armer Jawad (Daiwa Bag ‘Em Baits) 38-0-0; Jim Barrowman (PW Angling) 27-0-0; Alan Tuck (Van den Eynde Angling Direct) 24-0-0; Rodney Finch (Deben) 21-6-0; Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 12-0-0.


Decoy, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Tues. Beastie Lake, 23. Mick King (Garbolino Peterborough) 46-8-0, F1s to poled pellet; Chris Barley (Finedon) 38-6-0; Jay Richardson (Decoy) 37-7-0; Richard Linnell (Decoy) 37-2-0. Sat. Beastie Lake, 24. Martin Freeman (Team Marukyu) 68-14-0, carp and F1s, waggler and feeder fished maggot, peg 17; Nigel Baxter (Decoy) 65-15-0; Andy Leathers (Browning Hot Rods) 61-5-0; mike Whittaker (Norwich) 37-0-0. Sun. Beastie Lake, 22. Martin Freeman (Team Marukyu) 52-5-0, F1s to 3 lb, poled pellet, peg 24; Roy Wells (Decoy) 42-14-0; Peter Carter (Decoy) 40-3-0; Paul Goldstraw (Stanjay Sports) 39-13-0.


Deeping St. James AC, Pairs Trophy, Lake Ross, Spalding, Cambridgeshire, Sun. 12. Nigel Briggs (Deeping St. James AC) 48-6-0. carp to 5 lb, feeder fished sweetcorn and roach to poled double red maggot; Nick Preston (Deeping St. James AXC) 35-0-0; Ray Torrington (Deeping St James AC) 34-0-0. Pairs Trophy winners: Nigel Briggs and Des Dalton (Deeping St. James AC) 66-2-0.


Graham’s Pond, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, Sat. 12. Jim Worlding (Graham’s Pond) 4-0-0, small fish, poled maggot, peg 6; Mick Hughes (Graham’s Pond) 2-12-0; Tracy Florentin (Graham’s Pond) 0-2-0.


GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Wed. 12. Colin Spencer (GOT Baits) 39-0-0, six carp to 10 lb plus small fish, poled pellet, Chestnut 21; Ernie Waterfall (Gerry’s of Nottingham) 30-12-0; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 16-12-0; Lennie Burton (Mansfield) 13-4-0; Alan Quick (Mansfield AA) 11-0-0; Rob Bellaby (Coalville) 6-6-0. Sat. 15. Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 34-10-0, seven carp, F1s and tench, poled pellet, Ash 17; Alan Heawood (Nottingham) 34-8-0; Paul Kimberley (Team Zimba) 23-0-0; Ian Bellaby (Coalville) 18-8-0; Derek Hicklin (Middleton AS) 15-0-0; Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 14-2-0.


Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Sun. canal, River and Lagoon Pools, 24. Andy Searle (Middy) 64-8-0, carp, poled pellet and maggot, River 9; Roger Parnell (Lakeview Select) 51-15-0; Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 42-8-0; Keith Daws (Lakeview Select) 42-2-0; Bronson Arme (Lakeview Select) 33-3-0; Danny Higgins (Lakeview Select) 31-0-0.


Park Hall Fisheries, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, Sun. 14. Graham Eden (Mansfield) ten carp, straight legered meat, peg 52; Roy Gregory (Shirebrook) 33-12-0; Graham North (Mansfield) 33-8-0; Steve Hanrahan (Mansfield Woodhouse) 32-12-0; Gavin Snowdon (Mansfield) 21-8-0; John Murray (Mansfield AA) 16-0-0.


Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, Sat. Fun League, 20. Mick Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 55-3-0, eighteen carp, poled pellet and cage feeder and meat, peg 36; Andy Lakey (Worksop Angling) 43-11-0; Pete Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 38-10-0; Pete Hodgetts (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 32-7-0; Lee Hassett (Gateford Angling Supplies) 30-4-0; Geoff Mawby (Gateford Angling Supplies) 29-4-0. Tues. Silver Fish, Cavendish Lake, 12. Mick Burrell (Gateford Angling Supplies) roach, skimmers and perch, poled pinkie, peg 22; John Holmes (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 17-15-0; Steve Richards (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 15-15-0. Sun. Holmedale Lake, 24. Andy Lakey (Worksop) 63-4-0, sixteen carp, pellet feeder and poled pellet, peg 36; John Woodland (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 40-12-0; Pete Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 35-8-0; ray Harris (Kiverton Park Fishery) 35-4-0; Darren Stayley (Mansfirld Piscatorial AC) 31-5-0; Martyn Brown (Eastwood Angling Supplies) 30-10-0.


Stoppo’s Lake, Lullington, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, Sat. 14. John Harper (Burton Lads) 22-4-0, bream and carp, cage feeder and maggot; Paul Worthington (Stoppo’s Lake) 11-4-0; John Stevens (Stoppo’s Lake) 9-3-0.


Townsend Lakes Fishery, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Wed. Woodpecker Pool, 10. Colin Begbie (Townsend Lakes Fishery) 65-14-0; carp, peg 4; Neil Pesky (Townsend Lakes) 49-8-0; Ricky James (Townsend Lakes) 22-2-0. Sat. Woodpecker Pool, 11. Ricky Young (Townsend Lakes) 33-10-0; carp, peg 6; Brendon Strowlger (Townsend Lakes) 23-0-0; Harry Morgan (Townsend Lakes) 20-4-0; Sun. Kingfisher Lake, 10. Brendon Strowlger (Townsend Lakes) 36-12-0, carp, peg 12; Ricky James (Townsend Lakes) 28-8-0; Alan Owen (Townsend Lakes) 17-12-0.


Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Lincolnshire, Tues. Kestral Lake, 24. Jim Chamberlain (Westwood Lakes) 38-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 39; Ron Roberts (Westwood Lakes) 32-2-0; Dave Ward (Saxmundham AC) 30-8-0; Janauz (Westwood Lakes) 28-0-0. Thurs. Over 50s, Skylark Lake, 42. Dave Daniels (Ruskington) 28-8-0; small carp, poled meat, peg 5; Bill Whitworth (Lincoln Veterans) 24-8-0; Jeff Duggan (Westwood Lakes) 18-8-0; Janauz (Westwood Lakes) 16-0-0. Sun. Batemans Winter League, Skylark Lake, 24. Mick Stamp (Preston/Sonu Baits) 28-0-0, F1s, small carp and skimmers, poled maggot, peg 33; Martin Kirk (Mill View Fishing Tackle) 25-5-0; Steve Pell (Westwood Lakes) 24-0-0; D. Gowland (Horncastle AC) 22-8-0.




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