Check out the brilliant Action Replay featuring newly crowned Angler’s Mail Kamasan Matchman of the Year Mike Reed in this week’s Angler’s Mail.


KAMASAN BRITISH OPEN qualifiers are contacted by letter, so if your name appears in the list below, send your POSTAL address via email to:

As soon as possible.







43 MIKE REED (Garbolino Elton).

31 ANDY BENNETT (Daiwa Guru).

28 ROSS HAROLD (Sensas Angling Direct).

24 STEVE JAMES (Ockendon); NEIL MACHIN (Garbolino Bag’em Baits).

23 STUART PALSER (Daiwa Gordon League).

22 BRIAN BENNETT (Garbolino Elton); MICHAEL BUCHWALDER (Shakespeare); MIKE ROGERSON (Last Cast). 20 ANDREW MURPHY (Shimano Wales).

19 ALASTAIR OGILVIE (Maver Bait Tech); ALEC ROBERTS (Middy); DEAN SWIFT (Fox Match Dynamite Baits).

18 LEWIS BREEZE (Sensas North West); ANDREW GELDART (Garbolino Elton); PETE HUMPHRIES (Tight Lines Shaw); MARK POLLARD (Dynamite Baits); DES SHIPP (Daiwa Dorking); WAYNE SWINSCOE (Maver Bait Tech).

17 PHIL CHESTERTON (Stapleford Angling); KEITH HOBSON (Maver Barnsley).

16 CLIVE NIXON (; PETE SCOTT (Sensas Leicester); DANNY SIXSMITH (Drennan).

15 DARRAN BICKERTON (Kamasan Starlets); LEE THORNTON (Sensas Mark One).

14 JON ARTHUR (Maver Midlands); JASON CUNNINGHAM (Fox MG Tipton Van den Eynde); JAMES DENT (Daiwa Cleveland Angling); PAUL KEELEY (Drennan North West); RICHIE REYNOLDS (Shakespeare); DALE SHEPPARD (Hemsworth).

13 PAUL CASWELL (Shakespeare); MARK EUSTACE (Killen’s Commandos); DAVE HAROLD (Angling Direct); JAMIE HUGHES (Maver Midlands Bag ’em); IAN NASH (Ockendon); MATT SMITH (West Midlands); CRAIG TURBITT (Tackle 2 U Sensas).

12 DAVE ARMITAGE (Hirst Tackle); SHAUN BARNET (Milo Bordon); ARTHUR BENSTEAD (Ferrybridge); ROB BISHOP (MAP); DAVE BROWN (Maver Midlands); MARTIN CALDECOAT (Browning Hot Rods); PAUL COYLE (Daiwa Wigan); GRAHAM DACK (Maver Image Van den Eynde); LEIGH GARDNER (WB Clarke Van den Eynde); STAN HAIGH (Anglers World); ANTONY KING (Protak Barlow’s); ANDY MIDDLETON (Oaks); STEVE PARRY (Gas Wise Liverpool); STEVE RINGER (Shimano); ALAN SCOTTHORNE (Maver Barnsley); STU TAYLOR (Hazelgrove).



East Midlands Angler’s Mail Matches for March 16/17 2013


Burton Angling Supplies Winter League, Trent and Mersey Canal, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, Sun. 48. Darren Massey (Shakespeare Superteam) 11-9-0, nine perch and some stamp roach, poled worm and bloodworm, back of the Mill House; Ron Pickering (Measham B) 11-0-4; Jason Cunningham (Shakespeare Superteam) 10-14-0; Tony Barker (Four Heads) 6-6-8; Dave Callaghan (Measham B) 4-0-0; Barry Astbury (Walsall FC) 3-12-10. Teams: Shakespeare Superteam 10; Measham A 18; Rob’s Four 20; Measham B 20; Four Heads 21; Walsall FC 23; Tackeroo AC 27; Leicester Sensas Blue 30; Burton Angling  Supplies 32; Nick’s Marauders 33; Dams and Lock 48. Final League: Shakespeare 90; Rob’s Four 126; Measham A 127; Tackeroo AC 129; Leicester Sensas Blue 135; Burton Angling Supplies 138; Browning Lifestyle 141; Four Heads 143; Walsall FC 164; Measham B 173; Three Mark’s and a Pete 181; Dams and Lock 189; Nick’s Marauders 206; Leicester Sensas Green 210; Matlock AC 226; Browning Central 236.

Cobbleacre Lake, near Norwich. Sat. 10. Dennis Goodwin (North Walsham) 39-3-0, all carp, Adams; Mick Harman (Martham) 33-13-0; Jim Randell (Sensas) 22-15-0.

Cross Drove, near Mildenhall. Wed. 7. John Cartwright (Benwick Sports) 49-8-0; Zack Wiltshire (Chatteris) 41-2-0; Rodney Finch (Deben) 20-3-0. Sat. 26. Simon Wheeler (Daiwa Dynamite) 56-8-0, F1s, straight lead, bread, peg 2; Nigel Swallow (Cross

Drove) 37-4-0; Rodney Finch (Deben)33-4-0; Alan Tuck(Van den Eynde) 31-5-0; Steve Kinleysides (Deben) 28-10-0; Rob Heath (Chestnut Pool) 26-0-0. Sun. 9. Mark Pollard (Shimano Stanjays) 74-6-0; Steve Norman (Kevs Tackle) 58-0-0; Jamie McGuire (Rib Valley) 56-14-0.

Dynamite Makins Nisa Opens, Wolvey, Warwickshire, Wed. Phase One, Lake Four, 13. Phil Hull (Lanes Bait & Tackle) 12-4-0, one carp, two bream and a hybrids; straight legered sweetcorn, peg 12; Mick Timson (Dynamite Makins) 1-8-0. Thurs. Phase Two, Avon Pool, 17. Mick Timson (Dynamite Makins) 17-8-0, three carp, roach and bream, poled sweetcorn and maggot, peg 5; John Adamson (Nisa Feeders) 17-4-0; Andy Mundell (Stainforth) 7-0-0; David Kent (Long Eaton Victoria Angling Society) 6-0-0; Tom Neil (Oakham) 4-2-0; Sean Greenwood (Manchester) 3-14-0.

GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Sat. 19. Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 45-0-0, eleven carp to 7 lb, pole and maggot, Ash Pool 12; Steve Pretty (Miracle Baits) 43-0-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 36-4-0; John Belcher (RAF) 30-8-0; Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 27-8-0; Lee Holtham (Subfish Tackle) and Simon Skelton (Middy) both 24-0-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Sun. Canal and Serpent Pools, 24. Steve Haywood (Middy) 73-10-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet, Canal 14; Danny Higgins (Subfish Tackle) 62-5-0; Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 40-2-0; Steve Bentley (Lakeview Select) 36-13-0; Sean Kemp (Lakeview Select) 28-5-0; Jason Sahall (Lakeview Select) 25-12-0. Sat. Veterans, Lagoon Pool, 12. Roger Holmes (Lakeview Select) 52-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 9; John Cooke (Lakeview Select) 26-8-0; Pete Sisson (Lakeview Select) 17-8-0; Lou Nightingale (Lakeview Select) 15-0-0; Cliff Adcock (Lakeview Select) 12-10-0. Wed. Veterans, Canal Pool, 12. John Cooke (Lakeview Select) 33-0-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet, peg 29; Gary Smith (Lakeview Select) 32-8-0; Martin Quilter (Lakeview Select) 24-2-0; Pete Sisson (Lakeview Select) 21-5-0; Dave Sewell (Lakeview Select) 18-6-0; Roy Toulson (Lakeview Select) 14-4-0.

Market Rasen AA, Hackett’s Lakes, Holme Pierrpont, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, Sat 9. Bob Bent (EME. AA) 14-0-0, skimmers, feeder fished maggot, peg 13; Roy Bentley (Market Rasen AA) 10-9-0; Dave Humphreys (Market Rasen AA) 10-1-0; Brian Sherridan (EME.AA) 9-1-0; Barry De’ath (Market Rasen AA) 7-10-0.

Park Hall Fishery, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, Sun. 11. Lee Nussey (Mansfield Woodhouse) 73-14-0, eleven carp to 12 lb, straight legered meat, peg 51; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 69-0-0; Steve Hanrahan (Willy Worms) 40-2-0; Ken Ryder (Shirebrook) 37-4-0; Roy Gregory (Mansfield Woodhouse) 19-0-0; Eddie Musgrove (Mansfield Woodhouse) 14-0-0.

Stoppo’s Pool, Lullington, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, Sat. 10. Andy Hayward (Stoppo’s Pool) 14-8-0, carp, legered maggot; Kev Causer (Stoppo’s Pool) 6-6-0; John Harper (Burton Lads) 3-8-0.

Townsend Lakes, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Sun. Cuckoo Canal, 12. Steve Sharp (Townsend Lakes) 66-0-0, carp, poled pellet peg 3; Colin Begbie (Townsend Lakes) 56-12-0; Ashley Kinsey (Townsend Lakes) 53-14-0.

Wensum Valley Freshwater Angling Championship, Sat. 20. Keith Westgate (Nisa

Waveney) 19-3-0, all roach, stick float, maggot over hemp, Chris Colby (Beccles) 4-10-0; Malcom Dobson (Beccles) 3-15-0. Pairs:  Chris Jackubowski (Deben) and Steve Watts (Nisa Waveney) 6pts ;Nick Larkin (Nisa Waveney) and Kevin Humphrey (Nisa Waveney) 7.

Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire, Thurs. Over 50s, Skylark Lake, 25. Bill Whitworth (Lincoln Veterans) 39-14-0, small barbel to maggot, decent carp to sweetcorn and pellet, peg 8; Barry Taylor (Ropsley AC) 38-10-0; Barry Taylor (Westwood Lakes) 36-10-0; Brian Ogden (Reel People AC) 34-6-0; Janausz Mkolske (Westwood Lakes) 33-14-0. Sun. Batemans Winter League, Skylark Lake, 24. Marc Rodgers (Middy/Bagem Baits) 49-10-0, barbel, skimmers and carp, poled dead red maggot, then pellet for carp, peg 11; Gavin Butler (Maver Bait Tech) 44-0-0; Alex Bates (Maver Bait Tech) 39-8-0; Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 38-0-0; Rob Morris (Whisby AC) 37-14-0.

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