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East Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for August 11/12 2012.

* Nisa Feeders Individual Series, River Yare Beauchamp Arms. Sat. 54. Wayne Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 36-9-0, bream to 4 lb, crumb feeder worm and maggot, peg 117; Tony Gibbons (Norwich and District) 18-14-0; Nigel Porter (Biggleswade) 16-12-0; Brian Gooch (Daiwa Angling Direct Suffolk) 16-0-0; John Taylor (Sensas Mark one) 15-13-0; Reg

Bryanton (Deben) 14-0-0. Series decided on aggregate weight: Wayne Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 185-12-0; Mark Pollard (Daiwa Angling Direct) 164-6-0; Paul Abbott (Deben) 150-7-0; Tony Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 145-13-0; Nick Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 145-3-0; Ian Cochrane (Great Yarmouth) 126-5-0.


* Suffolk County Teams Of Five Summer League, River Yare Beauchamp Arms. Sun. 50. Kevin Bland (Daiwa Angling Direct Black) 15-12-0, poled caster, roach and perch, peg 25; Daniel Brydon (Sonu Angling Direct) 15-6-0; John Platton (Baitech) 14-10-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich and District AA) 14-2-0; Mark Pollard (Daiwa Angling Direct Gold) 12-10-0; Doug Botley (Daiwa Angling Direct Red) 11-12-0. Teams: Daiwa Angling Direct Gold 16; Daiwa Angling Direct Black 17; Sonu Angling Direct 19; Daiwa Angling Direct Blue and Norwich and District AA both 27; Daiwa Angling Direct Red 29. League: Daiwa Angling Direct Black 13; Daiwa Angling Direct Gold 15; Daiwa Angling Direct Red 19; Deben Select 21; Baitech 30; Daiwa Angling Direct Blue 31.


Other match fishing results

Angling Trust Masters, Mallory Park Fishery, Leicestershire, the seven Glebe Pools plus Foundation and Mallory Big Lake, Sat. 66. Adam Wakelin (Drennan) 178-8-0, carp to feeder, Foundation Lake; Aaron Morton (Total Fishing) and Dom Lanni (Team Marukyu Green) both 177-8-0; Jarrad Smith (Total Fishing) 171-0-0; Kevin Russell (Team Marukyu Green) 164-8-0; Peter Bailey (South West Match Group) 156-0-0. Teams: Team Marukyu Red 24; Total Fishing 25; Team Marukyu Green 31.


Decoy Lakes, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Telford Three Day Festival: Mon. Cedar Channel, 12. Steve Owen (Telford) 147-11-0; Jim Randall (Norfolk) 146-0-0; Nigel Baxter (Bag ‘em Baits) 140-0-0. Mon. Elm Channel, 12. John Smalley (Decoy) 178-2-0; P. Oasty (Telford) 124-15-0; Robert Edmunson (Decoy) 111-1-0. Tues. Oak Channel, 12. Steve Owen (Telford) 172-15-0; Steve Crawford (Decoy) 166-2-0; Darren Day (Telford) 112-3-0. Tues. Elm Channel, 12. P. Oasty (Telford) 180-8-0; Nigel Baxter (Bag ‘em Baits) 148-10-0; Robert Edmundson (Decoy) 131-10-0. Wed. Oak Channel, 12. Nigel Clarke (Telford) 137-1-0; John Smalley (Decoy) 135-15-0; Sean Best (Decoy) 126-6-0. Wed. Cedar Channel, 12. Nigel Baxter (Bag ‘em Baits) 155-2-0; P. Oasty (Telford) 146-4-0; Steve Owen (Telford) 120-15-0. Overall: P. Oasty (Telford) 5; Steve Owen (Telford) 5; Nigel Baxter (Bag ‘em Baits) 6; Jim Randall (Norfolk) 11. Sat. Elm Channel, 12. Simon Dow (Decoy) 131-0-0, F1s and small carp, poled pellet, peg 15; Ian Chesney (Team Marukyu) 126-1-0; Simon Godfrey (Sensas Mark One) 98-2-0. Sun. Beastie Lake, 27. Neil Adcock (Browning Hotrods) 241-13-0, one hundred and eighty barbel and three carp, poled maggot and meat, peg 26; Chris Barley (Finedon) 137-13-0; Tony Dawson (Van den Eynde) 124-9-0.



Deeping St. James AC, Horseshoe Lake, Wansford, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, Sun. 7. Nigel Briggs (Deeping St. James AC) 21-2-8, tench and carp, poled sweetcorn, peg 22; Russell Hole (Deeping St. James AC) 14-5-0; Ray Torrington (Deeping St. James AC) 9-8-0.


Fish4 10k Qualifier, Water Meadows Fishery, Chapel St. Leonards, Lincolnshire, Moat Lake, Sat. 32. Steve Gregory (Miracle Baits) 113-11-0, carp to 7 lb, poled meat shallow, peg 42; Alan Foster (Water Meadows Fishery) 68-7-0; Colin Spencer (GOT Baits) 59-4-0; Mitch Riley (Dynamite Baits) 57-8-0; Steve Winter (Maver Bait Tech) 48-11-0. Qualifiers: Steve Gregory (Miracle Baits); Alan Foster (Water Meadows Fishery); Mitch Riley (Dynamite Baits); Steve Forster (Kiveton Park Fisheries) .


GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Wed. 18. Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 213-8-0, carp to 9 lb, poled dog biscuit, peg 21 Chestnut; Neil Fisher (Dynamite Baits) 88-0-0; Chris Mawer (Lincoln) 78-0-0; Mick Smith (Little John Lakes) 57-0-0; Bob Rimmington (Rivendel AC) 52-0-0; Lee Holtham (Sub Fish Tackle) 35-4-0. Sat. 16. Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 160-8-0, carp to 10 lb, poled dog biscuit, Hawthorn 28; John Belcher (RAF) 99-0-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 94-4-0; Simon Skelton (Middy) 94-0-0; Chris Mawer (Lincoln) 81-8-0; Paul Kimberley (Team Zimba) 74-0-0.


Head Fen, near Ely. Sun. 22. Alan Newton (Anglers Corner) 66-12-0, carp to 4 lb, pellet feeder to island, pellet hook bait, peg 53; Adam Playford (Anglers Corner) 41-10-0; Steve Hansted (Anglers Corner) 39-4-0; Darren Jackson (Anglers Corner) 35-6-0; Tim Dabrowa (Hooked Newmarket) 33-6-0; Martin Allen (Anglers Corner) 29-0-0.


Jason Smith Memorial, River Thurne Coldharbour. Sun. 15. Tony Gibbons (Norwich) 13-9-0, all roach, stick float, bronze maggot; Albert Farrow (Norwich) 13-0-0; Adam Seward (Norwich) 8-10-0. (£280 raised for Diabetes UK)


Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Sun. Canal, Serpent and Lagoon Pools, 34. Shaun Higgins (Dynamite) 101-14-0, carp and silvers, poled double red maggot, Canal 23; Ken Daws (Sensas) 98-14-0; Martin Thackery (Sub Fish Tackle) 74-2-0; Les Moody (Lakeview Select) 69-2-0; Keith Daws (Lakeview Select) 68-1-0; Gerry Woodcock (Gerry’s of Nottingham) 64-13-0. Sat. Veterans, Canal Pool, 10. Keith Daws (Lakeview Select) 68-2-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet, peg 22; Steve Natrass (Lakeview Select) 64-12-0; Martin Quilter (Lakeview Select) 64-6-0; Rob Taylor (Lakeview Select) 60-0-0; Roger Holmes (Lakeview Select) 54-0-0; Cliff Adcock (Lakeview Select) 46-0-0. Wed. Veterans, Canal Pool, 14. Rob Taylor (Lakeview Select) 69-8-0, carp and silvers, poled pellet, peg 4; Phil Hill (Lakeview Select) 47-12-0; John Cooke (Lakeview Select) 41-12-0; Chris Shore (Lakeview Select) 39-8-0; Pete Sisson (Lakeview Select) 37-14-0; Martin Quilter (Lakeview Select) 37-4-0.


Newark Federation, Ted Shaw Memorial Charity Open, (£207 raised for Beaumond House Hospice) , Newark Dyke and Crankley, River Trent, Newark, Nottinghamshire, 30. Phil Chesterton (Maver Bait Tech) 107-12-0, bream to 5 lb 8 oz, a 7 lb barbel and one chub, feeder fished worm, peg 48; Steve Lowther (Worksop) 32-9-0; Rob Wootton (Dynamite Baits) 32-3-0; Paul Kozyra (York) 27-11-0.


Stoppo’s Lake, Lullington, Staffordshire, Sat. 15. Dave Hibbert (Stoppo’s Lake) 70-4-0, all carp to 11 lb, method feeder or waggler and maggot, peg 15; John Waite (Stoppo’s Lake) 53-8-0; Dave Kinson (Burton Upon Trent) 53-4-0; John Stevens (Stoppo’s Lake) 51-12-0; Carl Ford (Stoppo’s Lake) 44-12-0. Tues. 12. John Stevens (Stoppo’s Lake) 41-4-0, carp to 12 lb, straight legered maggot: Ivor Priest (Stoppo’s Lake) 24-12-0; Tony Scott (Burton Upon Trent) 22-12-0.


Townsend Lakes Fishery, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Sun. Woodpecker Pool, 10. Alan Owen (Townsend Lakes) 90-12-0, carp, poled meat, peg 4; Harry Morgan (Townsend Lakes) 67-6-0; Ray Cook (Townsend Lakes) 40-11-0.


Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, near Boston, Lincolnshire, Tues. £1000 Qualifier, Skylark Lake, 24. Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 89-0-0, mixed catch, poled dead maggot, peg 4; Chris Newbold (Westwood lakes) 68-0-0; Gareth Mily (Spilsby AC) 64-0-0; Tony Pepper (Maver Bait Tech) and John Gooden (Westwood Lakes) both 59-14-0. Thurs. Over 50s, Skylark, 38. Brian Thompson (Orchard Park/Westwood Lakes) 88-2-0; Bill Whitworth (Licoln Veterans) 77-12-0; Mike Atherton (Westwood Lakes) 71-10-0; Dave Robinson (Lincoln Veterans) 71-8-0; Boris Kilner (Miracle Baits) 64-10-0. Sun. £1000 Qualifier, Skylark Lake, 24. Tony Evans (Dynamite Baits) 81-12-0, carp, ide and F1s, poled dead maggot over Krill groundbait, peg 32; Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait Tech) 78-8-0; Mick Brumpton (Westwood Lakes) 76-2-0; Brian Harding (Maver Bait Tech) 73-14-0; Jimmy Brooks (Anglers Corner) 71-10-0. Juniors, 20. 7 – 11 years, Dillon Morgan (Westwood Lakes) 30-0-0; William Nutter (Westwood Lakes) 29-4-0; Kaven Williamson (Westwood Lakes) 24-12-0; Terri-Jade Simpson (Westwood Lakes) 22-14-0. 13 – 16 years, Chris Weedon (Westwood Lakes) 39-12-0; Andrew Wilkins (Westwood Lakes) 34-8-0; Thomas Kilmore (Westwood Lakes) 34-4-0; Sam Claydon (Westwood Lakes) 31-8-0.


www. tccco. co. uk Qualifier, Toft Farm, Dunchurch, Warwickshire, Sat. 37. Gary Envis (Leicester) 151-11-0, carp, poled sweetcorn and pellet; Martin Paynter (www. tccco. co. uk) 110-8-0; Neil Crozier (www. tccco. co. uk) 105-9-0; Dave Cleaver (www. tccco. co. uk) 90-7-0; Jake King (www. tccco. co. uk) 89-12-0.