East Midlands Angler’s Mail matches for September 10/11, 2011.


Buttonhole AC Barbecue Match, Buttonhole Lake, Marshland St James, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Fri. 12. Andrew carter (Buttonhole AC) 106-2-0, carp, poled sweetcorn, meat and pellet, peg 9; Les Barry (Buttonhole AC) 102-10-0; mark Bradford (Buttonhole AC) 92-0-0. Sun. Queens AC, 10. P. Kirk (Queens AC) 78-8-0, carp, poled pepperami, peg 23; L. Elus (Queens AC) 66-4-0.
Coors AC, River Trent, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire and Shardlow, Derbyshire, Sun. 42. Dave Harrell (Kamasan Starlets) 15-8-0, 10  lb of roach and dace plus six perch, waggler and maggot, Crown Meadows, Shardlow; Joff Woodgett (Leicester Sensas) 13-4-0; Wayne Swinscoe (Maver Bait Tech) 12-15-0; Steve Pierpoint (Coors AC) and Pete Hamilton (Loughborough) both 12-4-0.

Cross Drove, near Mildenhall. Wed. 28. Tony Watling (Foxmatch) 69-13-0; Dave Pearce jnr (Wisbech) 63-1-0; Alan Tuck (Van Den Eynde) 62-9-0; Richard Martin (Daiwa Dorking) 52-1-0. Sat. 33. James Heaps (Chestnut Pool) 62-12-0, 33 lb of carp and F1s to 8 lb, 29 lb of brown goldfish and skimmers, 14.5m pole, pellet, peg 42; Richard Bond (Bury St Edmunds) 58-0-0; Paul Yeomans (Barford) 54-8-0; Dave Pearce jnr (Wisbech) 46-2-0; Paul Goldstraw (Stanjays) 42-11-0; Steve Cowley (Cross Drove) 41-4-0.

Dragon Water Meadows, Chapel St. Leonards, near Skegness, Lincolnshire, Sat. Moat Lake, 38. Pete ‘The Slayer’ Jones (Avanti Used Tackle) 79-11-0, carp to 6 lb, barbel to 4 lb, poled pellet, peg 8; Ken Coupe (Avanti Used Tackle) 63-4-0; Steve Blankley (Avanti Used Tackle) 61-4-0.

Dynamite Makins, Wolvey, Warwickshire, Wed. Lake Two, 21. Chris Harrison (Bailey’s of Warwick) 87-10-0, carp, poled sweetcorn, peg B11; Jason Shirley (Bailey’s of Warwick) 53-4-0; Terry Phillips (Attleborough Angling) 50-10-0; Barry Duggan (Warwick Portobello) 47-10-0; Paul Twigg (Redfin Angling) 46-4-0; John Adamson (Kobra Feeders) 44-8-0.
East Delph Fishery, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Sun. Big Lake, 18. Tony Evans (East Delph Fishery) 106-0-0, carp to 8 lb, poled pellet and sweetcorn, peg 29; Cam Marshall (East Delph Fishery) 86-8-0; Jim Garritty (East Delph Fishery) 59-10-0.

Head Fen, near Ely. Sun. 19. Martin Allen (Anglers Corner) 48-8-0, Method feeder, banded pellet and Peperami, 14 carp, peg 47 Trevs; Tim Nash (Browning Hot Rods) 36-4-0Steve Hansted (Dersingham AC) 26-14-0; Pete Keeler (Anglers

Corner) 21-12-0; Kevin Shelley (Newmarket) 20-7-0; Steve Gifford (Suffolks Finest) 20-4-0.

Newark Federation, River Trent, Rolleston and East Stoke, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Wed. 27. Terry Moroz (Worksop AA) 50-10-0, ten barbel, block end feeder, maggot hookbaits, peg 1 East Stoke; Steve Clark (Maver Image) 29-3-0; Dave Jones (Matchman Supplies) 15-10-0; Steve Metcalfe (Harrison’s Garbolino Lincs County) 14-4-0; Tony Marshall (Quorn Van den Eynde) 10-7-0.

Nisa Masters Individual Series, River Yare Beauchamp Arms. Sat. 48. Mark Pollard (Dynamite Bait Shimano) 29-15-0, roach on the pole over ground bait hemp and caster, peg 29; Tony Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 24-8-0; John Taylor (Sensas Mark One) 23-15-0; Mark Pollard (Daiwa Angling Direct) 21-8-0; Karl Redgrave (Harleston) 21-2-0; Tony Gibbons (Norwich) 17-3-0. League to date, best eight weights from 11 count: Mark Pollard (Daiwa Angling Direct) 198-3-0; Nick Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 196-9-0; Robert Hubbard (Daiwa Angling Direct) 185-5-0; Mark Pollard (Dynamite Shimano) 178-15-0; Tony Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 172-10-0; Mark Airey (Baitech Suffolk Water Park) 169-11-0.

Norwich and District Individual Championship, River Bure St Benets Abbey. Sun. 28. Tony Anderson (Daiwa Angling Direct) 20-8-0, roach to 1 lb, skimmers, caster over groundbait; Albert Farrow (Wymondham) 18-9-0; Nick Larkin (Nisa Feeders) 18-3-0; Mick Brown (Stalham) 17-8-0; Kevin Paynter (Sportsman) 15-2-0; Danial Brydon (Lathams) 14-11-0.

Suffolk Water Park, near Ipswich. Wed. 26. Les Cook (Castaway Tackle) 56-6-0, Method feeder, match lake 1; Deana Ramsey (Woodbridge) 53-0-0; Dave Newman (Ipswich) 48-12-0; Colin Provins (Ipswich) 42-6-0; Brett Calver (Ipswich) 31-8-0.

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