East Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for January 7/8 2012.

* Barford Teams of Five Winter League, Barford Pleasure, Railway, and Willow Lakes. Sun. Andy Moss (Angling Direct Black) 62-14-0, Peg 30 Pleasure lake; Warren Martin (Dynamite Deben) 54-6-0; Paul Ashford (Barford) 48-3-0; Tim Nash (Browning Hot Rods) and Alan Tuck (Daiwa Angling Direct Gold) both 40-8-0; Chris Cooper (Dynamite Deben) 40-4-0. Teams: Dynamite Deben 12; Lathams Nash Baits and Browning Hot Rods both 21; Daiwa Angling Direct Black 26; Allsorts 28; Norwich and District AA 29.


Bourne Winter League, Round One, Town Welland, Spalding, Lincolnshire, Sun. 38. Wayne Swinscoe (Maver Bait Tech) 53-4-0, roach to 4 oz, whip and punched bread, opposite ‘Poacher’ pub; Dave Burns (Garbolino Lincs County Van den Eynde) 45-3-0; Phil Chesterton (Maver Bait Tech) 42-7-0; Dave Powell (Garbolino Peterborough) 40-11-0; Rob Johnson (Sensas Mark One) 40-7-0; Alan Lemon (Sensas Mark One) 40-4-0.

Teams: Maver Bait Tech A16; Garbolino Peterborough 16; Sensas Mark One White 19; Maver Bait Tech B 21; Garbolino Lincs County Van den Eynde 25; Sensas Mark One Black 29.

Buttonhole AC, Buttonhole Lake, marshland St. James, Cambridgeshire, Sun. 12. Peter Bourne (Buttonhole AC) 104-7-0, carp to straight legered meat, peg 20; Les Barry (Buttonhole AC) 70-2-0; Darren Howling (Buttonhole AC) 61-3-0.

Deeping St. James AC, Individual Winter League, River Glen, West Pinchbeck, Lincolnshire, 14. Andy Wilson (Deeping St. James AC) 7-10-0, small roach to pinkie and perch to chopped worm; Ray Torrington (Deeping St. James AC) 7-8-0; Jeremy Hoare (Deeping St. James AC) 6-5-0. Winning Pair: Ray Torrington/Jeremy Hoare 13-13-0.

Decoy, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Sat. Beastie Lake, 26. Andy Leathers (Browning Hotrods) 105-5-0, carp to 10 lb, straight legered maggot, peg 17; Vince Cross (Suffolk) 41-3-0; Noel Rock (Decoy) 28-7-0; Jon Whincup (Maver Bait Tech) 25-7-0. Sun. Beastie Lake, 13. Nigel Baxter (Bagem Baits) 35-9-0, roach, F1s plus a 2 lb 12 oz perch, top two and maggot, peg 29; Stan Dow (Decoy) 33-1-0; John Smalley (Decoy) 32-8-0; Jon Whincup (Maver Bait Tech) 29-13-0.

GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Wed. 13. Graham Eden (Mansfield) 8-14-0, three F1s, a tench and a gudgeon, poled maggot, Ash Lake 24; Graham North (Park Hall) 7-9-0; Lennie Burton (Mansfield) 7-0-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 6-8-0; Steve Reid (RAF) and Ian Bellaby (Coalville) 4-4-0. Sat. 27. Graham Eden (Mansfield) 76-8-0, twelve carp to 10 lb, poled maggot, Hawthorn 3; Mark Wyatt (Diss) 60-8-0; Steve Wyatt (Gate Inn AC) 48-0-0; Jim Meakin (Victoria Tackle) 37-12-0; Alan Heawood (Nottingham) 30-4-0; Mitch Riley (Dynamite Baits) 28-0-0.

Headfen, near Ely. Sun. 18. Geoff Arnold (Suffolks Finest) 50-0-0, 13 carp and single chub, alternating between maggot feeder to island and 14m pole and maggot, peg 39, Trevs lake; Mark Nicholas (Head Fen) 36-0-0; Geoff Rimmer (Newmarket) 32-4-0; Matt Ayers (Dents) 25-0-0; Pete Lambdin (Headfen) 24-12-0; Vinny Easey (Cambridge) 22-10-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Sun. Serpent and Canal Pools, 18. Carl Hitchcock (Lakeview Select) 58-10-0; carp, poled pellet and sweetcorn, peg 23 Serpent; Andy Searle (Middy) 45-0-0; Shaun Kemp (Lakeview Select) 41-12-0; Steve draper (Lakeview Select) 38-0-0; Gerry Woodcock (Gerry’s of Nottingham) 30-12-0; Shaun Butler (Lakeview Select) 26-8-0.

Leicester Sensas Pairs League, Grand Union Canal, Loughborough, Sun. Round One, 49. Danny Ashington (Kamasan Starlets) 12-4-8, roach, poled bloodworm, peg 252; Stuart Naylor (Mill Tackle) 11-14-0; Tony Barker (Shakespeare Superteam) 10-14-0; Steve Woollard (Dynamite Trentmen) 7-10-0; Mark Parker (Long Eaton Federation) 6-11-8; Rob Wootton (Shimano) 6-11-0. Pairs: Danny Ashington/Stuart Naylor 2; Mark Parker/Darren Crosby 9; Rob Wootton/Tom Pringle 10; Steve Woollard/Darren Bickerton 10; Joff Woodgett/Mark Eustace 11.

Rookery Waters, Pidley, Cambridgeshire, Fri. Magpie Lake, 7. Ian Darrington (Rookery Waters) 25-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 30; Peter Carr (Chatteris) 12-9-0; Dave Reece (Newmarket) 8-12-0.

Stanjay Tackle Open, Raveley Drain, Ramsey Heights, Cambridgeshire, Sun. 14. Anthony Watling (Stanjay Tackle) 21-2-0, perch on chopped worm and small fish on whip and pinkie, peg 12; Ben Jackson (RAF) 19-6-0; Stan Binge (Stanjay Tackle) 14-4-0; Trevor Oakman (Stanjay Tackle) 13-11-0; Martin Caldecote) 13-6-8; Lindsay Naylor (Browning Hotrods) 11-2-0.

Suffolk Water Park, near Ipswich, Silver fish only. Sat. 17. Bill Walker (Spro Sports) 8-12-0, roach plus bonus 1-8-0 perch, maggot 13ms, peg 26 Match Lake One; John Cousins (A12 lakes) 7-4-0; Keith Gooderam (Browning Wickford) and Nick Larkin (Nisa Feeders) both 6-12-0; Bob Fuller (Breakaway Tackle) 6-10-0; Bernie Turner (Nisa Feeders) 5-4-0.

Townsend Lakes, Upwell, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, Sun. Woodpecker Pool, 10. Ricky oung (Browning Hotrods) 44-5-0, carp, poled maggot, peg 16; Pete carter (Townsend Lakes) 34-7-0; Rob Hewison (Sensas Mark One) 27-6-0.

Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire, Sun. Kestrel Lake, 20. Steve Lane (Marukyu Baits) 36-10-0, carp to 7 lb, poled sweetcorn, peg 16; Gary Shinn (Liam’s Elite) 27-0-0; Boris Kilner (Aemy) 22-9-0; Shane Safford (Army) 19-7-0.

Wigston AS, Mick Holohhan Memorial, Canalised River Soar, Aylestone, Leicestershire, Sun. 20. Steve Oakes (Wigston AS) 4-9-0, small roach, punched bread, factory wall peg; Steve Wyles (Leicester) 3-3-0; Pete Wootton (Oadby Angling Centre) 2-14-0.

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