East Midlands Angler’s Mail Kamasan Qualifiers for February 25/26 2012.

* Burton Winter League, Trent and Mersey Canal, Rugeley, Staffordshire, Sun. 51. Tony Barker (Mill Tackle) 11-1-0, all small roach, poled bloodworm and joker, end of playing field section; Ben Sharratt (Pride of Derby Juniors) 9-14-0; Lee Murphy (Leicester Sensas A) 9-10-0; Joff Woodgett (Leicester Sensas B) 8-3-11; John Johnson (Notts AA) 7-9-0; Darren Lewis (Shakespeare Superteam) 7-2-8.

Teams: Shakespeare Superteam 13; Mill Tackle 19; Leicester Sensas B and Four Artists both 20; Burton Angling Supplies 24; Dams and Lock 27.

League: Four Artists 76; Leicester Sensas B 80; Shakespeare Superteam 88; Burton Angling Supplies 101; Mill Tackle 108; Leicester Sensas A 110.


Bourne Winter League, Round Three, River Welland, Spalding, Lincolnshire, Sun. 38. Steve Slater (Maver Bait Tech) 39-15-0, all roach, poled punched bread then hemp, near post box: John Spalton (Maver Bait Tech) 35-7-0; Mick Asker (Sensas Mark One) 33-2-0; Alan Houlton (Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County) 29-6-0; Dale Stones (Garbolino Peterborough) 29-4-0; Ian Benton (Fox Matrix Stanjay) 27-3-0.

Teams: Maver Bait Tech A 14; Sensas Mark One Black 26; Maver Bait Tech B and Sensas Mark One White both 27; Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County 30; Garbolino Peterborough 34.

League: Maver Bait Tech A 3; Sensas Mark One White 9; Sensas Mark One Black 10; Maver Bait Tech B 12; Garbolino Harrison’s Lincs County and Garbolino Peterborough both 13; Odds and Sods 21.

Decoy, Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, Sat. Elm and Cedar Channels, 21. Barry Mason (Tubertini/Ringers Baits) 85-2-0, carp to 5 lb, poled sweetcorn, Cedar 20; Vince Cross (Frenzee) 82-3-0; Wayne Shepherd (Ringers Baits) 67-2-0; Sean Waterfall (Decoy) 65-11-0. Sun. Beastie Lake, 26. Stuart Bracey (Shimano) 88-12-0, carp to 6 lb, feeder fished sweetcorn and maggot, peg 17; Steve Powell (Lake Ross) 77-1-0; Jon Whincup (Maver Bait Tech) 74-4-0; Paul Goldstraw (Stanjay Tackle) 69-0-0.

Garbolino RAF EMAL Winter League, Round Three, Mill Dam Fisheries, Girton, Newark, Nottinghamshire, Tues. Old Lake, 16. Steve Reid (Waddington A) 43-10-0, 30 lb of carp the remainder silvers, method feeder/pole and maggot, peg 18; Graham Welton (Garbolino RAF) 28-10-0; Baggy Alan (Old Lags) 27-4-0; Baz Bright (Garbolino RAF) 20-1-0; S. Tabbs (Coningsby) 18-6-0; Doug Goddard (Waddington B) 17-4-0.

GTi Foston, Match Lakes, Lincolnshire, Wed. 15. Pete Lambert (James Maud AC) 29-8-0, carp to 8 lb and F1s, poled maggot, Ash 15 (bonus £259 golden peg) ; Steve Haywood (Middy) 22-8-0; Graham Eden (Mansfield) 21-8-0; Carl Williams (Newark) 19-4-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 18-4-0; Phil Morris (Nottingham Disabled) 16-0-0. Sat. 28. Mitch Riley (Dynamite Baits) 36-0-0, carp to 5 lb, poled maggot and punched bread, Ash 17; Steve Pretty (Miracle Baits) 35-2-0; Ian Palfreeman (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 33-2-0; Paul Arndt (Grantham) 29-2-0; Dougie Jackson (Nottingham) 27-4-0; Andy Birkin (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 22-4-0.

Head Fen, near Ely. Sat. 10. Darren Parsons (Ely) 42-8-0, 17 carp punched bread and maggot, Snake peg 6; Bob Coulson (Suffolks Finest) 39-12-0; John Millard (Newmarket) 32-10-0; Marcus Bailey (Head Fen) 26-8-0; Steve Jackson (Head Fen) 19-0-0; Shaun Fulcher (Cambridge) 10-4-0. Sun. 17. Brian Lee (Dents) 29-3-0, tench,carp, perch and single chub, on poled maggot over hemp and caster, peg 53 Trevs; Tim Nash (Browning Hot Rods) 25-6-0; Mike Whittaker (Daiwa Angling Direct) 21-14-0; Tim Dabrowa (Ely) 20-7-0; Pete Keeler (Anglers Corner) 15-13-0; Pete Lambdin (Head Fen) 15-11-0.

Lakeview Fishery, Holwell, Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, Wed. Veterans, Canal and Harbour Pools, 22. Dave Sewell (Lakeview Select) 59-4-0, carp, poled pellet and maggot, Harbour 17; Rob Taylor (Lakeview Select) 32-7-0; Cliff Adcock (Lakeview Select) 30-9-0; Chris Shore (Lakeview Select) 28-6-0; Martin Quilter (Lakeview Select) 27-5-0; Phil Hill (Lakeview Select) 24-12-0. Sat. Veterans, River and Stream Pools, 14. Cliff Adcock (Lakeview Select) 73-0-0, carp, poled pellet, River 20; Dave Sewell (Lakeview Select) 47-8-0; Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 37-1-0; Ernie Waterfall (Lakeview Select) 35-0-0; Keith Simpson (Lakeview Select) 29-0-0; Roger Holmes (Lakeview Select) 23-10-0. Sun. Canal Pool, 10. Steve Draper (Lakeview Select) 32-10-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 23; Keith Simpson (Lakeview Select) 30-7-0; Bill Arme (Lakeview Select) 23-12-0; John Bramley (Lakeview Select) 22-8-0; Darren Bamford (Lakeview Select) 20-5-0; Alan Marshall (Lakeview Select) 19-12-0.

Quorn AS Winter League, River Soar, Leicestershire, Sun. Final Round, 40. Tony Marshall (Quorn AS A) 17-15-0, all roach, poled hemp seed, peg 59 Sutton Bonnington: Tony Beech (Quorn AS B) 13-8-0; Richie Reynolds (Shakespeare Superteam) 13-3-0; Joe Oakes (Wigston Dream Boys) 11-13-0; Pete Jayes (Wigston Blue) 10-12-0; Rob Wootton (Wigston Dream Boys) 10-0-0.

Teams points: Wigston Dream Boys 12; Fox Matrix/Dynamite Trentmen 15; Quorn AS B 18.

Final League points: Wigston Dream Boys 7; Quorn AS A 10; Wigston Blue 12.

Teams weight: Quorn AS A 33-14-0; Wigston Dream Boys 33-9-0; Fox Matrix/Dynamite Trentmen 28-9-8.

Final League weight: Wigston Dream Boys 122-2-8; Quorn AS A 114-8-8; Wigston Blue 92-6-0.

Railway Lake, near Norwich. Sat. 27. Warren Martin (Sensas Barford Tackle) 59-13-0, F1s and small carp, Groundbait feeder, hard pellet, peg 50; Rodger Harris (The Codgers) 47-5-0; David Cooper (Norwich) 35-4-0; Mark Sawyer (Daiwa) 34-6-0; Dave Jarvis (Daiwa Angling Direct) 33-11-0; Luke Morley (Westwood Lakes) 33-1-0.

Rycroft Fisheries, Hemington, Derbyshire/Leicestershire border, Sat. Moat and Clover Pools, 24. Dave Brown (Rycroft Fisheries) 57-12-0, carp to 4 lb, poled sweetcorn and punched bread, Clover 8; Chris Pavlou (Rycroft Fisheries) 43-5-0; Charlie Shaw (Fishermania) 40-4-0; Barry Walters (Rycroft Fisheries) 34-10-0; Carl Hitchcock (Mill Tackle) 29-2-0; Alan Kent (Rycroft Fisheries) 23-14-0. Sun. Individual Winter League, Round 9, Old Canal, Moat and Clover Lakes, 32. Gaz Heald (Rycroft Fisheries) 90-1-0, carp to 3 lb, poled punched bread and pellet, Old Canal 17; Steve Conway (Lichfield) 78-3-0; Simon Skelton (Middy) 53-14-0; Chris Allen (Marukyu) 44-14-0; Dave Colver (Oddhouse AC) 33-10-0; Kristian Powers (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 28-14-0. Aggregate: Carl Hitchcock (Mill Tackle) 14; Simon Skelton (Middy) 15; Steve Conway (Lichfield) 21; Mark Fox (Rycroft Fisheries) 21; Chris Allen (Marukyu) 22; Sean Kemp (Forever Forest) 23; Wayne Sewards (Rycroft Fisheries) 24; Matt Skelton (Rycroft Fisheries) 29; Jamie Bonsall (Avanti Used Tackle 29; Chris Bonsall (Avanti Used Tackle) 29.

Sherwood Forest Fishery, Edwinstowe, Nottinghamshire, Tues. Sherwood Lake, 12. Dave Round (Mansfield Busmen AC) 12-2-0, small roach and skimmers, poled caster and maggot, peg 12; Ian Boyd (Woodhouse Angling Centre) 8-0-0; Jon Smith (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 7-4-0; Mick Lysaght (Rivendell AC) 6-12-0. Wed. Holmedale Lake, 14. Pete Ellis (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 92-3-0, twenty carp, poled sweetcorn and pellet, peg 20; Pete Hodgetts (Mansfield Angling Centre) 63-12-0; Lee Parker (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 23-8-0; Mick Langton (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 22-8-0; Carl Brown (Sherwood Forest Fishery) 21-3-0; Alan Warren (Phil’s Bait and Tackle) 20-12-0.

Stanjay Tackle, Forty Foot Narrows, Ramsey St. Mary, Cambridgeshire, Sun. 9. Stan Binge (Stanjay Tackle) 12-6-0, roach and skimmers, whip and pinkie, right hand side of the bridge; Roy Whincup (Stanjay Tackle) 10-7-0; Pate Wray (Market Deeping AC) 8-3-0; Tony Hayden (Stanjay Tackle) 8-2-0; Paul Hendy (Browning Hot Rods) and Mick Kelly (Stanjay Tackle) both 7-10-0.

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Townsend Lakes, Upwell, Cambridgeshire, Sat. Woodpecker Pool, 10. Ricky Young (Browning Hot Rods) 45-8-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 10; Nick Carlton (JV AC) 42-8-0; Colin Begbie (Townsend Lakes) 34-8-0. Sun. Woodpecker Pool, 10. Steve Sharp (Townsend Lakes) 28-10-0, carp, poled pellet, peg 9; Colin Begbie (Townsend Lakes) 27-14-0; Rob Hewison (Sensas Mark One) 27-12-0.

Westwood Lakes, Wyberton, Boston, Lincolnshire, Tues. Skylark, Kestrel, Hawk and Kingfisher Lakes, 18. Jim Smith (Westwood Lakes) 41-8-0, bream and tench, poled paste and worm, Skylark 30; Gary Shinn (Liam’s Elite) 40-8-0; Mick Brumpton (Westwood Lakes) 34-0-0; Steve Lane (Marukyu) 33-8-0. Thurs. Over 50s, Skylark Lake, 17. Chris Mawer (Westwood lakes) 35-4-0, carp, chub, F1s and bream, poled paste, pellet and maggot, peg 28; Colin ‘Smudge’ Smith (Bagem Baits) 29-8-0; Ted Rowe (Westwood Lakes) 26-7-0; Ron Roberts (Westwood Lakes) 24-14-0. Sun. Hawk Lake, 22. Mick Brumpton (Westwood lakes) 39-0-0, F1s to poled maggot and pellet, peg 20; Neil Parkinson (Dynamite Baits) 26-0-0; Boris Kilner (Miracle Baits/Army) 25-8-0; Mark Afford (Westwood Lakes) 25-4-0; Mick Stamp (Westwood Lakes) 24-14-0.