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WE arrived at Furnace Brook Fishery at about 6.50am, Saturday morning. Mist rose from the surface and the newborn lambs bleated in the long grass by the lake. We decided that Jonathan had chosen the perfect place for a days fishing…

Jonathan Watt is a top match angler, not many people are so good at fishing they get banned from matches, or accused of cheating after winning match after match! But for Jonny this is a reality. Today he has challenged us to a competition, slightly more lighthearted than the ones he is used to and certainly one with an interesting set of rules!

We had planned to fish all vs all, but with Alex and I being, how should I say it… pants at match fishing, we chose to team up against the pro. Realising we only had one seatbox and sidetray in working order, Alex said he would target the carp with his specimen tackle whilst I used the pole to whip out roach and rudd. Going down the carp route also allowed Alex to bypass the one rod each rule, so he put out two solid bags to the fallen tree on the far bank.

It took minutes to get the first bite but because Jonny had not arrived yet, the first carp of the day could not be counted.

As the sun broke above the horizon and the mist disintegrated, along came Jonathan and all his tackle. Three trips from the car later and his seatbox/space ship command tower had been set up and he was ready to cast out. Oh wait, no he wasn’t, groundbait had to be mixed and the carefully perfected ingredients were added to a bright yellow Tubertini bucket.

Jonny let on a secret that his success was partly down to his yellow buckets, yellow keepnets and black with yellow stripes seatbox. “How many anglers do you see sporting this kind of brightly coloured kit?” he asked. I took his word for it, pinched one of his yellow buckets and strolled back to my swim.

The winning combination: yellow buckets and a massive seatbox!

The winning combination: yellow buckets and a massive seatbox!

We all had bites from the word go, mine were all small roach and rudd, apart from the first one which was a proper handful of a roach and Jonny kicked off with a tench. Alex’s bites were all liners or dropped runs, bream probably being the culprits.

As the day went on, Alex got itchy feet and as always happens with us, he went stalking. Taking with him just a slice of bread as bait, he flicked a flake into the shallows of the lake only for a carp to come and slurp it straight in! Another 5 or 6lb was ours, but would it be enough to beat Jonny?


Alex was hot on the trail of some quality carp with stalking tactics…

More carp followed for Alex and so did many more roach and rudd for me but over in the adjacent peg the tip was dragging round with bream after bream!


Carl’s mixed bag.

We captured plenty more film and took some photos before returning to the fishing for a last gasp attempt at beating Jonathan. All I could catch was the small rudd now, but there were plenty of them!

We lifted our keepnets and found that Jonny had caught far more than we realised. With the carp Alex had caught throughout the day and the roach and rudd I had landed we guessed we would have about 25-30lb but the pro had shown what he was worth and put together an impressive haul of bream, f1s, tench and the odd roach for about 45lb.

So again, Jonny had proved his worth, and decided to point out that we were also using two more rods than he was! Another result was imminent for Jonathan as a few days later his son George was born, so I wish him congratulations, and I hope young George does not take up fishing because then there would be two Watt’s Vs two Smiths and that would be even more of a challenge for us!



The winning net from Watt!

See you all next week!




This week's magazine includes a free rod licence.

This week’s magazine includes a free rod licence.


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