St. George Cross flags have long been binned or stashed in lofts by now… but there is a big fishing reason to be proud in England!

Here’s the good news: Drennan England clinched coarse fishing team gold in the 2010 World Angling Championships.

Hundreds of thousands of UK anglers wished they enjoyed a Sunday fishing session last weekend, instead of watching the England football team get thumped 4-1 by Germany in the World Cup.

But football was far from the minds of the Drennan Team England squad.

After day one at the World Angling Championships in Spain, England were well placed as the home nations all caught a mix of species better than most of their rivals.

England led with 21 points, ahead of – surprisingly – a great effort by Daiwa-sponsored Scotland anglers on 23. Ever-strong Italy were on 26.5, ahead of Wales, Holland and Ireland. It was the best ever day, team-wise, for home nations in the World event.

On day two, Sunday, England were second on 19 points, behind Italy on 16. So overall it was as follows: 1. England 40 points, 2. Italy 42.5, 3. Holland 51.

The next three places, off the medals podium, were filed by home nations – Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Ireland, a united team of north and south, had extra joy with the only medal for a home nation in Cathal Hughes, who was second overall behind new individual World Champion, Frank Meis of Luxembourg. A total of 32 nations fished.

Meanwhile, Angler’s Mail magazine has been reporting on how the fishing trade and fishing generally is being affected. The contest is now in the second round with some gripping fixtures on TV.

Many key players in the UK fishing trade amazingly wanted England to get knocked out as early as possible! After losing to Germany 4-1, they were granted their wish…

Regular readers will have seen why England star John Terry – a recent Mail cover star – has been seen on the banks for TV. We’re sure John will be keen to get his carp tackle back out now that the Three Lions squad has returned. Tight lines, JT!

And we’ve revealed how a star striker that didn’t go to the World Cup – Bobby Zamora, spent his time off. The Fulham forward loves his carp fishing and went to France, where he fished for a week with Dynamite Baits’ ace Steve Cole… aiming for 40-pounders!

As Mail readers found out, Bobby didn’t quite make it (Steve did!), but he hopes for a whacker nearer to home over the next few weeks. If and when he does it, the Mail aims to show you the BIG result!