IT might have been designed to compliment Wychwood’s short Extricator carp rods, for the likes of stalking and floater fishing, but this compact bodied, powerful fixed spool will do a lot more.

The Extricator 5000FD will also be snapped up for uses from barbel fishing on big rivers to heavy feeder fishing, even a bit of mobile piking. Not surprisingly they sold out instantly!

It’s designed with a magnesium body with an aluminium spool.

The Extricator 5000FD offers all the casting benefits of a large spool with quality line lay on what’s a fairly compact reel. This ‘baby-pit’ will accommodate 237 m of 0.30 mm line, or 173 m of 0.35 mm.

The multi-disk front drag goes from freespool to locked-up in around one and a half turns coupling well with less forgiving braided lines with its range of adjustability, as well as mono.

The good-sized wooden handle knob is also a bonus offering plenty to get hold of, even with cold wet hands.

Coming complete with its understated looks and black finish, we think these reels look just as tidy on a multiple short rod set-up as they do propped up against a stalking or floater fishing bucket.

The Extricator 5000FD comes with 9+1 ball bearings and a 4.8:1 gear ratio.

Price: £79.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“We identified the need for a small-format reel for anglers who didn’t necessarily require a large-capacity spool but required strong winding power and strength.

“The reel ties-in nicely with our Extricator range of shorter rods and has filled a gap in the market that’s not being serviced by our competitors.

“Selling out instantly says it all! Retailers and end users alike couldn’t get enough of it and we’re continuing to receive a load of messages via social media from anglers who can’t wait to ditch their existing reels to swap to these.

“The magnesium body is strong yet light, and it’s a reel that size-wise fits a multitude of uses, from small water fishing to floater setups. Plus, it’s got a retro-inspired look and is understated, something that a lot anglers seem to value. It’s an individual product.”