TRAKKER’S Levelite Oval Bed System was an interesting idea, it’s gone on to become a best seller.

The thinking behind the ‘beds’ oval shape is to make optimum use of the space in your shelter, many of which have curved backs. So your bedchair fits snugly to the contours at the back leaving you more room in front.

The system, complete with a removable sleeping bag also eliminates cold spots at the head and foot end, because it’s contoured to the shape of your body.

It comes with a three-season, roomy, hollow fibre sleeping bag, which can be transformed into a five-season bag with one of Trakker’s Aquatexx Levelite Oval Bed Covers. The sleeping bag boasts heavy-duty crash zips, internal and external baffles and a pillow retainer.

The lumber support on the bed is also adjustable for a firmer mattress, and the bed unfolds so it’s totally flat, for a better nights sleep.

Thanks to double-hinged technology the bed also folds up nice and compact too. It also has a slick leg mechanism.

A Levelite Oval Bed System Wide, Oval 5-Season Sleeping Bag, Oval 5-Season Sleeping Bag Wide, Aquatexx Oval Bed Cover Wide and an Oval Pillow are also now available.

Price: £449.99. Aquatexx Oval Bed Cover £99.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Our shelters, and many others too for that matter, are curved at the back, and therefore when a traditional rectangular-framed bed was placed inside and pushed towards the back of the shelter, there would be a void where the bed couldn’t be pushed any further inside. The Oval Bed System overcomes this problem giving the angler the option of more usable space.

“The shape also gives increased thermal properties at the foot end of the dedicated Oval Bed System Sleeping Bag, as it is narrower and therefore warms up quicker once you get inside!

“It’s been well received, with well-respected anglers such as Danny Fairbrass, Damian Clarke and Ali Hamidi understanding the concept and using the bed from its launch, and has quickly gone on to become a best-seller amongst our range.

“Anglers seem to like that it allows for better use of the internal space within your shelter. Aside from that, the centrally aligned lumbar support system gives users the option to tailor the firmness of their mattress to their own personal requirements.

“And we’ve had many messages of praise from anglers suffering from bad backs who have found it uncomfortable to sleep on regular-style beds which have been elasticated at the sides of the mattress, yet have enjoyed their best nights’ sleep on the bank in years when using the Levelite Oval Bed System.”