JUST the job for those warm spells when carp are near the surface, the team at Sticky have released these floaters, with The Krill’s pulling power.

They are available in 3 mm, 6 mm and 11 mm sizes, so you can mix it up a bit even on tricky days, with the added bonus of some different feeding options.

These high-protein pellets have two special coatings.

One kicks out food signals as soon as the pellets hit the water, dispersing attraction across the surface.

The second releases important attractors down through the water column to draw fish from below to up top.

You should also see a slick spread across the surface from the attractive oils that they’ve locked into the floaters, flattening any ripple.

That’s always useful when you’re trying to focus on your hook bait for the inevitable slurp!

Price: £12.99 (3 kg)