SET to be a real success story for Sonik The Vader X Carp range has been flying off the shelves.

Especially the rods, with an RRP of £74.99, sold on a buy two get one free basis, which brings them down to just £49.99 each!

There are five impressively high spec for the price carp rods to choose from, from a 12 ft 2.75 lb to a 12 ft 3.5 lb ‘big hitter’ to cover all bases. Plus a 12 ft 4.5 lb Hybrid Spod and Marker Rod.

Add a classy matching Vader X 8000 big pit reel with a spare spool and a 1.1 m of line per handle turn retrieve rate, to go with them into the equation, for £49.99 each and anglers have been quick to realise they can pick up a full set of rods and reels for £300!

To compliment the spod rod Sonik took things a stage further by releasing a Vader X Spod Reel that comes ready loaded with 200 m of quality 30 lb braid. (RRP £49.99) to complete your spod and marker set-up

And then they added matching one and two-piece Vader X 42 in. specimen landing nets. A very tidy range at a great price.

Prices: rods from £59.99. Reels £49.99. Landing nets £49.99

Manufacturers’ Comments

“The idea behind releasing the range was to replace our previous very popular SKS and SKS Black ranges, and provide a ‘best in class’ product range to dominate the £50 RRP carp rod and reel market.

“This is the largest sector of the carp rod and reel market, as when times by three, it provides an easy to market and sell price point of £150 for a full set, or £300 for full set of rod and reels.

‘Add a quality big pit reel fully loaded with 30 lb braid, and sell it for £49.99, and you also have a great Spod & Marker rod/reel outfit opportunity too.

“Sales have exceeded all expectations, and our expectations were pretty high from the start, given the quality and performance of the product versus price.

“We have just received our third large shipment of Vader X rods, and have a full order and production plan in place to cover 2018, which we are confident will see this range of rods and reels outsell everything else on the market at this price point.

“The rods are specified to a higher level than their price point dictates. From the progressive power of the blank, to the slim shrink handle, neat custom line clip, custom Sonik reel seat, 1K carbon weave around the logo area, and slim lightweight black SIC guides, finishing with a ‘anti-frap’ tip guide, the rods are top class.

The reels have an edgy cool black look, with a smooth fast retrieve, and come with a spare aluminium anodised spool, all for only £49.99!

Whilst the 42 in. landing nets have soft green mesh, they’re the right depth, with a strong spreader block and composite handle. All you need in a carp net for only £49.99.”