SAVAGE GEAR have clearly tapped into something here – and it caught people’s attention, including ours. But their creations have caught plenty of fish too!

It may seem cruel sometimes, any small water bird padding around when there’s big predators lurking below is at risk. Every year wildfowl lose young ones to predators like pike and catfish. On some big fish waters, adult birds are hit too.

These Savage Gear surface duckling lures are super realistic. 3D scanned to get the detail right, with a hard ABS body and semi-soft, durable feet. The feet actually spin to create a lively lure with a bubble trail and wake for Mr Pike to home in on.

If you’re fishing open water, fish them with the two feathered covered trebles, one on the chest and one on the back. If it’s a bit snaggy you can remove the chest one to leave just one hook on the back

These Savage Gear lures are designed to always land on their belly after casting – clever.

They are available in 10.5 cm, 28 g and 15 cm, 70 g sizes in Natural, Yellow and Coot colours.

We don’t think there’s an angler out there that wouldn’t get excited having a take on one of these! Especially watching that ‘bulge’ of water fast approaching the lure from behind – Jaws style!

Price: £15.99-£18.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“It’s not uncommon for pike to snatch ducklings from the surface, a solitary duckling is quick and easy pickings to snatch from below the surface.

“After all, lure fishing is all about ‘matching the hatch’, imitating a predator’s natural diet, so logically it made sense to experiment with alternative species as the prey.

“As with all of Mads Grossell’s creations, the Suicide Duck was put to test all across Europe, including the UK, where its effectiveness was immediately proven.

“In its first week of testing, the Suicide Duck had claimed a number of large pike with many in excess of 30 lb, including an impressive UK mid-twenty from a busy marina.

“There are two styles of action incorporated into the design of the Suicide Duck. Attach the line to the beak and the lure will run with a low, discrete posture, similar to a duckling attempting to hide.

“Attach the line to the chest and the lure will run higher with a more ‘panic and flee’ type action. The spinning feet give the lure an incredible lively, splashing action, leaving a trail of bubbly disturbance in its wake.

“Since scooping ‘Best Hard Lure’ and ‘Best Innovation’ at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition, the Suicide Duck has been has been firmly validated in the UK lure fishing scene, accounting for hordes of large pike captures.

“The smaller 10.5 cm has proven to be the most popular choice here in the UK with no colour outperforming the next.”