THESE were a late-season launch from The Tackle Exchange but an interesting one.

You’ve only got to look on the web to see the demand for ‘old school’ tackle. There are likely to be a lot of anglers out there kicking themselves for getting rid of their ‘old’ gear.

Following his passion for angling heritage and inspired by rods like Richard Walker’s Classic Mk IV Carp rod leading fishing tackle businessman Roger Surgay released three new retro-style rods.

Their launch came not long after Roger revealed his personal return to the tackle scene, after leaving after a hugely successful spell with Sports Direct. His story was told in full exclusively in Angler’s Mail magazine.

The Trent Trotter, Old School Carp, and Warwickshire Avon have many of the original features found on rods 40 or 50 years ago.

The Trent Trotter is an 11 ft three-piece waggler rod, the Warwickshire Avon an 11 ft two-piece Avon-style design and the Old School Carp rod is a 12 ft two-piece.

They’ve all been built on glass blanks, with weighted cork handles to balance the tip and double leg eyes that have been specially treated so as not to groove. Complimented by light alloy reel rings and white spigots.

The interest in vintage kit is definitely growing, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see some more retro kit on its way. Check out

Price: £59.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

The main man himself, Roger Surgay, told Angler’s Mail: “I’ve always had a passion for fishing tackle and particularly vintage tackle. Over the years, I put together a sizeable collection and it was the rods that I especially enjoyed looking at.

“When I launched The Tackle Exchange (, my intention was to create a portal for accessible and affordable retro and vintage fishing gear. But then I thought ‘why not create new rod designs based on some of the old classics?’ So, that’s exactly what I did.

“There are three rods in the range; The Warwickshire Avon, The Trent Trotter and Old School Carp. Each is made of glass, just like the old rods of yesteryear, and feature lovely cork handles, double leg eyes and lightweight alloy reel rings. They come in beautifully made cloth rod bags too.

“The response we’ve had since their launch has been amazing. All of the designs have sold well, with perhaps the Avon-style being the strongest of all, and the feedback from customers has been really gratifying.

“The original concept was to build a small series of rods – each is limited to just 250 pieces – that was both a nod to the past and to fill a gap in the market.

“I had a strong hunch that there was a good-sized group of anglers who, like me, loved vintage tackle but couldn’t justify spending hundreds of pounds on original models. Now they can get one, which is absolutely faithful to the old designs, for less than £60.”