RIDGEMONKEY took a clever idea and made it a whole lot better with their Connect Combi Set, which sold out in four hours when they launched it last January.

This is a big step forward from the popular ‘double-sided’ pans out there, and innovation like you’d expect now from RidgeMonkey.

One side of the Connect Combi has a traditional, deep frying pan, the other a four-section breakfast pan, so you can have your eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, etc cooking in separate compartments.

But there was another handy twist… thanks to the unique hinges, the pans can be detached and used completely independently.

So if you have a double burner, you can cook up more food at the same time.

Alternatively you can use the other section as a lid to retain cooking heat, moisture and flavour.

RidgeMonkey’s pans are made from diecast aluminium, with a non-stick coating, which means they’re easy to clean too.

And by making the handle removable means they’re easy to store with the rest of your cooking gear.

With the handle detached the Combi measures around 275 x 230 x 70 mm.

Available in black or silver, since they’ve become established ‘bankside’ long-stay anglers have been cooking up all sorts of culinary delights – not just your usual bacon and sausage butties…

Price: £32.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The response to the Combi has been excellent and it continues to fly off the shelves.

“By adding the hinges which disconnect so the pan can be used as a double sided pan, individually or simultaneously. And then adding the segments to one side, a detachable handle and the legendary non-stick coating and build quality you’ve got an incredibly ingenious piece of cookware.

“Sales are now rivaling our Deep Fill Sandwich Toasters in terms of units sold per month and now that the Quad Connect Stove is here to compliment the cookware range, we expect that number to rise significantly.

“Cooking is now a huge part of the ‘carp scene’ and anglers are now eating better than ever before.”