FISHED like a waggler, the beauty of this clever float – the Peejay Tackle Sodafloat – is that you can load any bait into its body.

Load it with anything from pellets out of a bag, to corn, hemp, chopped worm, maggots or meat cubes.

The Peejay Tackle Sodafloat, which we first spotted at the 2017 Big One show, enables you to feed accurately around your hook bait. It looks unusual, but it’s a smart bit of kit.

The sliding base holds everything in place on the cast, then once your hook bait is sinking, your feed is released around it.

You don’t need to prepare any bait to use with it, as we’re told that it won’t scatter feed on the cast, and thanks to the loaded base, it casts pretty well.

Air trapped inside the sphere helps prevent it diving too deeply, and that tapered nose cone offers the minimum of resistance when it’s dotted down.

You should also find that as the bait is released, the float doesn’t ride up in the water, like other floats do, because the weight of feed in the housing doesn’t affect its buoyancy. It’s a clever little float for bagging on commercials.

Price: £6