IT caused a big stir out there, Key Cray was an exciting bait launch from Nashbait. It’s one of the most ‘natural’ of carp baits and uber high quality when it comes to the ingredients.

This bait features the remarkable Key HNV base of proteins, aminos and essential vitamins with a high concentration of wild caught crayfish meal.

And we know how well a lot of fish do when they start munching on ‘crays’.

Looking back it seems like a ‘no brainer’ to tap into the nutritional profile of a natural bait.

Nashbait guru Gary Bayes spotted the potential, worked his magic, adapted and tweaked it during an extensive field testing campaign.

The result is a reliable bait that has banked a lot of big fish, pressured ones too including carp over 90 lb.

We’ve also heard of specimen barbel and catfish on it – which isn’t a surprise, chub are likely to love it too.

Better still being such a high quality bait it should have staying power and anything eating it, should benefit.

The range now includes Stabilised Key Cray boilies from 12 mm to 24 mm, frozen boilies from 12 mm to 20 mm plus Cultured Hookbaits, pop-ups, wafters, a bait soak, liquid, pellets, a stick mix, flakes and meals in this extensive range.

Price: Boilies from £12.99 a kilo

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The idea was born from Nash’s hunger to find new ingredients that would catch carp. Gary Bayes is always on the lookout and then crayfish meal grabbed his attention.

“A couple of tests in the pond at home and he was excitedly on the phone to Kevin Nash telling him of his findings. The fish reacted like he has never seen before in his pond.

“After mixing some up for an angling trial there were mixed thoughts on the bait, some caught the odd fish, others caught really well.

“After some tweaks and utilising the special blend of liquid that features in the phenomenal Key boilie, the result went from being average to truly astounding.

“The bait began to take shape and two years of testing led to the finished bait, a low oil bait that can be used all year round with the same results. It’s the only bait that utilises the nutritional profile of freshwater crayfish meal on the market. Another industry first for Nashbait.

“The Crayfish meal plays a huge role in the bait, this digestible, nutritional and naturally derived ingredient is complemented by a liquid blend used by Gary for over 20 years on highly pressured lakes.

“With fish to over 90 lb accounted for in Europe, and two fish caught to over 57 lb in the UK and countless other pressured carp, it’s a surefire winner for the angler wanting a high quality bait to give them the upmost confidence. With barbel to over 18 lb, cats to 150 and surprisingly Arapaima to 200 lb reported too, it seems all fish that swim love the Key Cray.”