YOU may remember Steve Gregory’s memorable three-page how to catch big carp down the edge masterclass in Angler’s Mail magazine back in June. He used a Middy Muscle-Tech – billed as the world’s slimmest and strongest ever 6 m margin pole!

Coming with a 30 elastic rating and rated ‘safe on the fish’, it boasts a Power-Arc rapid hold action for hooking them and stopping them.

Middy use what they are call T-Core 30STT anti-shatter carbon technology coupled with a S-Line super slim mandrel design to get the balance, power and action, spot-on.

It comes with a pull-it reinforced 2-kit in the pole, a size 30 PTFE bush and an optional flick tip for speed work.

There’s also a second ‘special’ package that comes with an additional pull-it reinforced 2-kit.

Additional 2-kits and flick tips can be purchased separately, along with parallel 1m extensions, should you wish to go longer to 7 or even 8 m, always a useful option.

At 6 m the Muscle-Tech 600 weighs in at just 270 g, that’s pretty good considering how much ‘grunt’ it has.

If you haven’t yet branched out to buy a dedicated margin pole for carp, this one is a serious contender. It’s just the job for handling those chunky carp that you can lure out from amongst the ‘stalks.

Price: £159.99. Muscle-Tech 600 Pole + Extra 2-Kit £187.50

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Margin poles now need to be constructed to handle even bigger carp; yet be light, slim and easy to fish with. Anglers were essentially asking for a speed tool built like a tank!

“Thanks to our constant investment in carbon technology we were able to build a margin pole with supreme strength (30 elastic rating) while also keeping it super slim. In fact, we claim that this is the world’s slimmest strongest 6m margin pole, utilizing T-Core anti-shatter carbon technology.

“Anglers have been impressed not only by the fact we could achieve this, but also by our ability to keep the pole lightweight (just 270 g at the full length). The Muscle-Tech 600 has an exceptional Power-Arc rapid hold action, too. The ability to add 1m parallel extensions has also been very well received.

“Even we have been surprised by the vast number of anglers who have chosen this pole since its release earlier this year. Sales are above 1000 units since the mid-season launch and rods and a longer pole are now under development using the same T-Core carbon technology.”