IT was clear from the outset that Maver’s budget priced Carp Fighter Margin Poles would sell.

We remember the enthusiasm in Andy Kinder’s voice when he first showed them to us!

Designed to target commercial carp in the edge, including heavyweights, the 3, 4 and 5 metre Carp Fighter poles are certainly strong, capable of taking 20+ Dual Core elastic, with the wall strength to match.

Boasting a high modulous carbon construction, they also come pre-bushed and pre-slotted to take Maver’s Easy Flow side puller kit.

Balanced and responsive, it makes sense to opt for the longer one if you’ve got the extra £25.

Why risk an expensive pole for bagging down the edge when one of these sub £90 designs will do the job?

We can see newcomers to pole fishing taking them on board, youngsters, as well as seasoned matchman who might be counting the pennies.

Not only that, you could have a lot of fun with one, Maver also offer replacement top 2 kits.

Price: £74.99-£89.99. Replacement Top 2 Kits – £52.99.

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The Carp Fighter poles were released specifically aimed at the budget end of the market – typically first time pole owners or youngsters getting into the sport that needed an affordable option.

“The pole was designed to be extremely strong and durable so accidental breakages needn’t render the pole useless due to the cost of replacement sections.

“Since their launch, the Carp Fighter range has proved extremely popular with all types of angler. They have, of course, proven popular with anglers that operate on a tighter budget as well as anglers that are simply looking for a dedicated short pole they don’t have to worry about using and abusing!

“The most popular model out of the three lengths offered (3m, 4m and 5m) has been the 5 m model. I think having the longer length makes the poles more versatile and better suited to a wider range of situations.”