MARUKYU 4 Bands are 8 mm pellets designed to be used on a bait band but you can drill them out too.

And they’ve been made using Marukyu’s popular Amino attractants, which do seem to have some pulling power out there, for a variety of species.

The beauty of these pellets is they last in the water with flavour leaking out continuously, ten times longer than a normal pellet Marukyu report.

An interesting choice of hookbaits for the specimen angler to take a look at as well as the match and pleasure rod pursuing any pellet eating species.

There’s a good choice of flavours to go at, some obvious ones like Krill, Skrill and Scopex and some not so obvious ones like Umami and Sanagi, which are certainly worth extra investigation if you haven’t experimented with them yet.

Garlic should never be written off as a flavour, then there’s Nectarmino, and Choco Cream.

If you want to go for something bigger, there’s nothing stopping you ‘loop to looping’ two or three bands together on a hair and offering three different flavoured pellets. Carp, bream, tench, roach, chub, barbel – they’ll all eat them!

Price: £3.99 a tub

Manufacturers’ Comment

“4 Bands were developed for match, pleasure and specimen anglers alike using our amino flavours as a starting point.

“We used the amino flavours as they have huge attraction to many species including carp, tench, bream, barbel and F1s.

“The proven amino attractants leach out into the water attracting fish from a considerable distance.

“They are very versatile being perfect for pellet waggler, straight lead, popped-up with rig foam or even on a band on the pole. They can be used to match your feed bait or used as a contrast bait, to stand out.

“The life span in the water is ten times longer than a normal pellet and the flavour continues to leak out continuously. The colour doesn’t fade either.”

“4 Bands are easily drilled and work really well when two different colours and flavours are used together.

“The feedback on them has been really favourable with many many anglers from all disciplines liking the versatility that they offer.

“The biggest sellers have been Krill, Skrill, Scopex and Garlic. However the Umami and Sanagi are also favourites. A little winter tip – try popped-up bread for carp with a sliver of Umami 4 Band between two punched out bread discs!”