TAPPING into the expertise used in the manufacturing of carbon bike frames MAP raised the bar when they launched the first ever carbon frame seat box.

Boasting a flowing, seamless, rounded design like you might see on a top end Audi, each frame is built and finished almost exclusively by hand.

And if their Z-30 Elite box launched in 2016 was as much as 20 percent lighter than some of its competitors, the Z-36 Carbon is reckoned to be 10 percent lighter still, as well as boasting the merits of the built in strength that comes with a carbon construction.

With its 36 mm diameter legs; it’s super stable, with threaded screw inserts for accessories throughout. It comes with a versatile stacking system too.

It’s a solid box without the ‘play and rattles’ that you might find on other systems. Even the clips and catches took a long time to get perfect, so they last.

The Z-36 comes with a sliding footplate with twist locking pins, a padded pole seat with pole support, water resistant seals on all the draw and tray units, divided drawer units and large swiveling mud feet.

The standard package includes a shallow and deep drawer unit, a shallow tray unit, and a stacker lid with carry handle, padded carry strap and seat box cover.

This is a seatbox that will appeal to the match angler who wants the best.

Price: £1,250

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Just like lots of products in our portfolio, we innovative and push design boundaries. For years seat boxes have been manufactured from the same materials, so we wanted to push boundaries and design the first ever carbon seat box.

“We often get asked why did we do it, well the answer to keep fishing tackle design moving forward. If brands do not innovative, all products will become the same, and our brand ethos is to create product to suit the anglers needs.

“Remember when all rods were split cane? Well they all became glass fibre and some years after all carbon. Carbon rods are the industry standard.

“We feel anglers appreciate what we have achieved, as the box is not only aesthetically pleasing, as there are no weld lines you get with aluminium frames, but the box is incredibly light, and this is what we ultimately wanted, as most anglers complained about the weight of most seat boxes.”