WHEN a top specimen carp bait company whose baits have dominated catches on a lot of waters for years, decides to launch a Match Bait Range, it’s likely to be pretty good!

In recent years there’s been a growing overlap in methods and baits used by pleasure and match anglers that have come from the specimen carp world, whether it’s PVA bagging, straight leading with boilies, dumbells and wafters… the list goes on.

And many anglers have adapted the carp bait ranges with cracking results.

With the help of the match team at Guru, Mainline created the Match Range.

The likes of Guru brand manger Adam Rooney, UK Champion Pemb Wrighting and England International Matt Godfrey, all helped develop the range in conjunction with the expertise of the Mainline team.

They spent months tweaking and adapting the recipes, ingredients, colours and components of the mixes and the baits.

The result of that effort is an all-encompassing range that’s spot on for anglers fishing commercials with hookbaits, pellets, groundbaits and additives.

Well thought-out, whether it’s the Sticky Syrups or the 8 mm Wafters or Activated Coarse Pellets, the range is made from quality ingredients that anglers will have confidence in using.

And the best bit is they feature some of the additives which have already proved a success story for Mainline like Activ-8 and Cell. Confidence in a bag, pot or bottle!

Prices: Mixes £3.99-4.50. Pellets £3.50-£3.99. Syrups £4.99. Hookbaits £3.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The range is aimed at coarse and match anglers. For pleasure anglers, the baits are simple, easy to use, and very effective.

“The range covers nearly all commercial fishing, with groundbaits, pellets, additives and hookbaits – they can be used on their own, or alongside each other for best effect.

“The packaging directs people towards what a mix is for, and both the groundbaits and pellets mix and soak-up a treat. From a match angler’s point of view, the bait is top quality and any experienced angler will be able to recognize the vivid smells, scents and particles in there. High quality fishmeal, pellets and other ingredients are present in all the mixes.

“A key USP of the baits, making them different from any other however, is the fact they have the finishing touches of Mainline Baits, with the addition of unique additives such as the renowned Cell and Activ-8.

“Despite only been available for a matter of months, the range has done fantastically well, and brought top anglers some amazing results. For starters, Pemb Wrighting used it to win probably the most prestigious event on the UK match fishing calendar – the UK Championships!

“He used a lethal combo of Activated Coarse and Cell Pellets in PVA bags, with a pink or white Dumbell Wafter on the hook on the final round at Barston Lake.

“Darren Cox (an Angler’s Mail magazine columnist) is another angler on the Mainline Match Team, who recently took the elite Feeder Masters title. Darren used the Mainline Match Method Mix, with Mainline Match Activated 2mm Pellets in his feeder mix too.

“The quality of the bait definitely gets noticed, alongside the use of some of the renowned carp/specimen additions to the baits.

“The fact that many top UK match anglers are choosing to use the baits off their own back has gone a long way, while at the opposite end of the scale, pleasure and club level anglers have said how easy and simple the bait is to use.

“It’s all done great, but the Activated Pellets and Cell Pellets have done fantastically well. The quality, uniform pellets each have that unique flavor, standing out from the crowd, making your pellets different for the fish to pick out.

“They have a tacky, easy-to-soak nature, making them ideal for use on Method, Hybrid or Pellet Feeders too.

“The Range Includes a Method Mix, Super Fine Pole Mix and Margin Mix. There are Activated Coarse Pellets (2-8 mm)and Cell Carp Pellets (2-8 mm), Match Wafters, Dumbell Wafters and Match Boilies in Tuna, Cell, Chocolate and Pineapple flavours. Plus a range of Sticky Syrup Liquids.”