WE could see this tackle box geared around storing carp terminal tackle proving pretty popular. And coming from a trend-setter like Korda, it didn’t take long to catch on.

Securing magnetically, the hard clamshell-style case comes with a ruler for helping with your rig tying. And an assortment of different sized compartments for different rig components.

The open compartment is more for hook link spools and tools – it’s big enough to get scissors in and a larger line spool in too.

And then there are four flip-top lid compartments either side for the likes of beads, clips, rubbers even artificial baits, so they’re contained and shouldn’t be able to spill out.

The inside of the lid, is shallower and has two decent sized compartments with lids that’ll take hook packets and needles and anti-tangle sleeves. There’s a multitude of smaller, lidded, compartments for those swivels, rings, clips and ‘kickers’.

It’s all there, you should be able to see what you need at a glance and it shouldn’t spill out.

Coming with close-on 30 compartments, the TackleSafe is designed to sit alongside Korda’s RigSafe and ChodSafe products.

Although geared towards the carper we can see a few other ‘riggy’ specialists taking this on board.

Price: £24.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“For years anglers have used tackle boxes that for many are oversized, and you can end up filling them up with things that you don’t need such as leads and all sorts of random bits and bobs you really don’t need.

“Here at Korda, we were looking at a system where you could scale your gear down into the smallest area possible, limiting your kit but allowing you freedom to move very quickly.

“The TackleSafe has got all of the compartments you need in one small compact area, from small shallow sections moulded into the lid, ideal for small metal ware, to a larger compartment at the bottom for rig tools etc.

“Its compact size makes you think about what you actually need to take fishing rather than just throwing everything into a bag for the sake of it.

“The TackleSafe joins the  ‘SAFE’  family accompanying  the Chod, Combi, Rig and Mini RigSafe and benefits from the same soft touch over mould and magnetic closing feature.

“To accompany the TackleSafe there is the Compact 140 EVA pouch, this houses your hooklinks and spooled materials such as floss and marker elastic perfectly and better yet your TackleSafe will nestle on top, within it too, creating a small compact case with all end tackle necessities enclosed.”

“Despite how much some anglers prioritise the need for being mobile there are still a lot of people that choose to take a large amount of kit, this may make the TackleSafe too small for the sole purpose of a tackle box however it then becomes an asset for separating your Floater/Zig set ups.

“You may even want to use this as an ‘overnighter’ setup leaving your main hub of kit at home for the longer sessions throughout the year. Much like the EVA Luggage, there are no rules!

“We just hope that it improves the efficiency and organisation of those choosing to utilise the TackleSafe in their fishing.”