THE new KX-i Carp Rods from Kodex are clearly something special and were certainly one of the most exciting carp rod launches of the year.

Releasing a 12/13 ft 3.25 lb and a 12/13 ft 3.5 lb ‘big hitter’, with RRPs of £450–plus they received a lot of attention and a lot of sales – with over £55,000 of sales before they launched!

Being billed as the “worlds best ever carp rod.” The blanks are built using 55-tonne air force–grade high modular mesh combined with what Kodex call Zepto-X carbon technology.

And they are finished with original Fuji fittings with ultra light Titanium TG16 matte black guides, including a 50 mm butt guide and an anti-frap guide.

What’s so special about them? For one they’re fantastic casting tools we’ve heard, allowing you to cast tremendous distances with incredible accuracy.

At the same time thanks to the quality of the materials and technology used to build the blanks, they’re rated highly when it comes to playing fish too, with a tip action that will wear big fish down, but without the worry of a hook pull.

Kodex also include a handy 1 ft extension with each KX-i to extend them to 13 ft, useful if you’re zig fishing with long hook lengths. Slim, with subtle graphics and a custom look. They continue to sell by the set!

Price: £450-£475

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Kodex is currently the number one trending brand on Facebook and, in firmly establishing Kodex as a top carp brand, we wanted to build the best rods ever, for the most discerning of carp anglers.

“Sales of the KX-i did exceed £55,000 pre-launch and we have not yet heard a single angler dispute the claim that this is the ‘world’s best ever carp rod’, in fact every person to have picked up a KX-i rod and test it has shown interest in buy a complete set of three.

“We developed these rods from scratch using the very best carbon materials and technology and it took many prototype models to achieve the perfect result – they are extremely slim, yet pack power for the longest of casts, while also retaining amazing fish-playing capabilities.

“The inclusion of a 1 ft zig extension with every rod as standard is another touch that anglers seem to really like, because it means they won’t be left wondering whether they’d have preferred a 13ft option – the KX-i offers both 12 ft and 13 ft rods in one.

“We’re extremely proud to have produced a carp rod of unrivalled quality and we’re now in the process of developing high quality wireless alarms to accompany them.”