THE latest generation of JRC beds struck the Mail team as being comfortable and practical at the same time.

How many times do anglers adjust their bedchair cam wheel to sit up, ‘chair style’? Probably never, which is why JRC did away with the cam wheel completely.

The result is a bedchair family that unfold so they are 100 percent flat with a nice thick padded luxury mattress and thanks to the corset effect underneath, they are anti-sag too.

They come with handy pockets on both sides of the chair, which fold in, with built in compartments so you can have your receiver at the front and your wallet and keys zipped-in at the back.

The beds come with a double-hinge system, so you can fold them up with your winter sleeping bags too.

Boasting ultra lightweight aluminium frames, other features include leg locks, an integrated pillow and swivelling mud feet. And they are available in a Compact, Standard and XL size.

Plus there’s a handy Cocoon 2G Super Levelbed design, which boasts a four-fold system, instead of the usual three, for more compact carrying. It also comes with its own 400D polyester carry bag.

Price: £169.99 – £219.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“It has become very rare over the last few years for a bedchair to be used in its chair form, with most anglers either just sitting across it when on the bank, or using a separate chair.

“So to do away with the cam wheel seemed the obvious thing to do reducing the amount of time it takes to set the bed up as well as allowing us to create a completely flat bed in the process.

“We then added a quality suede feel, pockets on both sides, over sized hinges and locking nuts to create our most comfortable bed to date.

“The frame is sturdy, yet lightweight with a durable mattress to make the whole bed as long lasting as possible.

“The super version has a unique folding system designed to fit in tight places and small car boots, the compact is great for saving weight and space in the bivvy and the wide is designed for extra room and comfort. But the standard is the best seller in this exciting range.”