JUST the job for banding alongside a pellet or Method feeder, these Boosted Pellets from Hinders will stand out, thanks to the liquid food and oils used in them.

They come in useful sizes – 6 mm, 8.5 mm and 11 mm – and Almond, Betalin & Banoffee, Pear Drop, Scopex & Peach, Sweet Plum, White Plum, Hemp ‘n’ Halibut, G-Force, Brown Blitz, and Shrimp ‘n’ Krill flavours.

Great for putting a good bag together on pellet waters, whether you’re after just carp, or F1s, tench and bream, too.

At less than £3 a pot, you can afford to have a few flavours, sizes and colours in your bag.

There are matching Booster Liquids containing quality extracts and enhancers, to prompt an even faster bite.

Keep a steady trickle of feed pellets going in, to get a response, but when the water is clear and temperatures have dropped, you might opt for flicking a pellet out on a light bomb ‘searching’ rig, to try to find the carp. A tip for winter is the White Plum hookers, which certainly stand out.

Price: £2.99 (75 g pot)