WHEN you first set eye’s on the Guru Foam Pellet Wagglers you would probably describe them as functional, but discreet.

They’re made from high density, super buoyant 10 mm diameter foam, so they shouldn’t dive, yet you can still achieve that bolt effect to prick fish.

Their subtle flights are designed to offer stability when you punch out as well as casting accuracy, a must if you’re ‘fishing busy’.

And with their tops, you’ve got a nice sight marker to feed too.

We like the idea of the subtle ‘surface camou’ colour and can see them blending in more than darker floats.

You get two unloaded floats in a pack, 2SSG, 3SSG or 4SSG, Guru also launched matching Waggler Converters at the same time.

These bespoke converters, complete with a swivel eye base, push onto the base of the floats to cock them perfectly.

With the wagglers flying like bullets when attached, you even get that nice fish attracting ‘pellet plop’ on touch down.

And the bonus is that the converters can also be coupled with other similar unloaded floats.

Price: Wagglers £5.99 for two. Converters £3.99 for two.

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The team at Guru had been wanting to create a range of pellet wagglers for a while, and were lucky to have a lot of expertise surrounding the method on side.

“Several members of the team, the likes of Pemb Wrighting, Paul Holland and Robbie Taylor had all experimented with making their own pellet wagglers for their own fishing, so getting involved in a pellet waggler project with Guru was mega exciting for them.

“The Foam Pellet Wagglers are just part of the bigger range of Pellet Waggler products – there are 10mm Balsa Pellet Wagglers, 13mm Balsa Pellet Wagglers and Waggler Adapters, as well as the Foam Pellet Wagglers and Waggler Converters.

“The Foam Pellet Wagglers and Converters have a wide audience – from pleasure anglers wanting to catch carp on rod and line in the upper layers, through to club anglers competing on club/local matches, right up to top-end match men using them in big-money finals.

“The launch was a great success, and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback.

“In terms of what anglers like about the Foam Wagglers and Converters – the system as a whole is simple and easy to use, as well as being devastating from a fish catching point of view.

“The wagglers can be used as they come, and shotted-up traditionally with locking shot if that’s what anglers prefer. However, the Converters make shotting the wagglers easy, as they match up to the wagglers, shotting them perfectly.

“You simply click the waggler into to the converter, and lock-off the float with some Super Tight Line Stops. This means you don’t have to have big line-damaging shot on the line. The rig you are left with is tangle free, and the shape of the converters help the waggler cast super straight like a dart!

“The wagglers are super strong, and don’t dive too far into the water on landing – so they don’t spook the fish. The converters also land with a small fish attracting ‘plop’ just like a pellet.

“The Guru Surface Camo colour, matching the sky/clouds as close as possible, is again to avoid spooking fish looking up when fishing shallow.”