MATCH fishing internationals across the globe were very quick to spot the potential in the Gizmo Angling ZT Pro Hook Tier… as was one of the world’s largest hook manufacturers who now use them in their R&D department.

Now sold in over 34 countries, this specialist hook tier, for spade end knots, developed in the UK ensures you can tie the best hooklengths with zero twist and zero damage whether they are 3 in. or 20 ft long!

Knots are tightened to the same degree every time and the line comes off the front and centre of the spade – where you want it to.

Whilst a clever system of pulleys and belts drive both the hook and loop end at the same time when whipping, so you don’t get any twist issues.

Add into the bargain that multiple length hook lengths can be tied with ease, with fine adjustment possible and the Gizmo Angling team have got a real winner here.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the professional quality hook tying system is already being used by the likes of match aces Des Shipp, Andy May, Andy Bennett, and Dean Barlow amongst others.

Standard and ‘pimped up’ anodised versions are available. There’s also now an attachment for tying spade end hair rigs with variable length hairs and a Lasso maker.

Prices: Standard Pro £135. Special Anodised Model £165. Visit

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Being a family of both pleasure and match anglers we have always looked to improve our results, sometimes this meant creating tools that were not readily available in the market place.

“Dennis Lee the youngest in the family was always able to tie hooks by hand but he had reservations about the consistency of the finished product.

“What we did was set about studying the knot tying process under a digital microscope, and what we found was shocking! The majority of line damage is created when you have the whipping tightening and line pulling through whipping when finishing the knot.

“Even when wetting the knot the damage in the middle of the knot was shocking. So we decided to create a machine that would minimise line damage and make sure every single hooklength would be the same. And here we are today.

Every aspect was studied and addressed over a three-year period to ensure what we created was the ultimate machine for tying hooks.

“In less than 13 months the response has been has been incredible, we have sold to over 34 countries globally, Kamasan has endorsed our product and actually uses five of our stations for testing their own products. And we have international level pro anglers using our products.

“When we launched the attachment for tying spade end hair rigs with variable length hairs, a unique product to our knowledge, sales for the hook tier skyrocketed.

“Feedback has also been incredible from professional to pleasure anglers who report tying hook lengths up at home is fun and less of a chore because they know that every hook length will be tied perfectly every time.

“They are also impressed with the quality of build, and customer service. We hold three-quarters of million spare parts in stock at any one time so if anyone has issue or accidentally damages their machine, they know we can get replacements out to them the very next day.”