THIS trio of Garbolino poles for carp hauling are made on the same mandrels as the existing UK range of poles, but with extra strength in key areas.

Any extra weight needed to add backbone has been cleverly distributed to ensure all three offer excellent balance.

Each pole has the new ‘Slip and Slide’ finish, to ensure high performance, even in the wettest conditions. They are also all equipped with a new two-piece potting kit and set of matching pots, and a half extension butt, which fits either the 11 or 13 m sections.

Differing only in the grade of carbon used, and the spares package supplied, all three look spot-on for fishing in the edge or the popular short lines where large carp like to patrol late on. That’s not to say that they cannot be used at full length.

The UK5 comes with three Power Lite Puller (K2IPLKV) kits fitted with new PTFE Pullers, plus one Power Lite (K2PLKV) top 2 kit.

Pick up the UK6, and it will come with three Power Lite Puller kits.

The UK7 is supplied with two Power Lite top kits. Also included are PTFE bushes and a tough holdall.

These are clearly super strong poles with reinforced joints, plenty of spares and great performance.

Price: UK7 £599. UK6 £750. UK5 £950

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The idea behind this range was to create a generation of poles all based on identical mandrels. The UK7 Supercarp being the lowest cost pole in the range but still a lovely pole at its price point of £599 SSP.

“All the poles are sold at 13m which means that rather than try and sell longer poles that anglers may not necessarily need we can max out on getting the best possible pack and price most relevant to most of UK’s commercial match, club and pleasure anglers.

“Research told us that the majority of commercial club and pleasure anglers these days rarely use much more than 13m of pole, and those that do tend to splash out on a more expensive higher quality carbon model such as the UK1-3 which give that extra rigidity albeit at an extra cost.

“Anglers can now specifically choose a pole which suits their wallet yet still get a quality pole which will interchange with our whole range. Yet if they wanted to trade up, their old pole will be ideal as a back up or carp-bagging pole.

“The poles have done very well since their launch, initially the UK5 was the most popular but now anglers are realising what good quality the other two models are and they are doing very well too.”