FOR their price the FXT Match+ range of rods from Frenzee, looked like they really hit the mark for all things commercial and some.

There’s 8 ft, 8 ft 6 in, 9 ft, 9 ft 6 in. and 10 ft feeder rods, plus waggler rods in 10 ft, 10 ft 6 in. and 11 ft to choose from.

And some anglers carry almost a full set knowing specific lengths suit specific venues.

They are designed for natural fisheries or commercials, with an action that’ll handle everything from skimmers to carp as well as guarding against hook pulls. Anglers will also appreciate their slim blanks as well as quality fittings.

The eight-footers look just the job for under-arming a bomb and pellet over your pole line with all the close-range accuracy that comes with a shorter rod.

But that’s not say you couldn’t use the same rod for small river fun either.

The three float rods are designed with a crisp and fast recovery for what Frenzee describe as ‘busy’ fishing. This is a versatile rod range with the option of the perfect length rod for the situation in front of you.

Price: £79.99

Manufacturers’ Comments

“The FXT Match + range typifies Frenzee design and innovation, quality and great value, the Match+ range of rods were designed by our team to give the angler a complete rod solution for all commercial venue situations.

“At a £79.99 RRP the rods offer exceptional value for money ratios, very slim banks, superb actions specifically designed to hook and quickly land fish with quality fittings throughout.

“Particularly popular are the feeder rods available from 8 ft to 10 ft ensuring there is a perfect length available for all key angling situations on commercials as well as other venues, targeted at differing casting distances. We know of anglers that do own sets of all these feeder rods.

“To complement the feeder rods there’s also the versatile range of pellet waggler rods again perfect for most styles of fishing on commercial venues. They’re designed to excel at casting, hooking and landing fish very effectively.”