BEDCHAIR users that want to carry the minimum of gear on overnighters so they can move in minutes to pack up or stay on fish, have embraced the E-S-P Lo Pro Umbrella.

You don’t need any storm poles with it, as six of the eight ribs are in contact with the ground, all thanks to some clever extending ribs on the front side of the shelter, developed and tested over two years by the E-S-P team. You can throw this brolly shelter up in double quick time on those midweek overnighters!

By moving the extended front side ribs in or out, you can also adjust the height of the shelter. And you can move the rear side ribs in or out to adjust the width and space you have inside; so longer bedchairs can fit inside.

When packing up, the ribs simply detach and fold up, rolling up nice and thin with a 6 ft length to fit inside even small quiver holdalls.

Also included are storm pole attachments on the front ribs, and there’s a space saver mechanism for maximum headroom inside. The frame is made of light but very strong fibreglass, covered with a

5,000 mm waterproof rated 210 PU-backed nylon, and there are two front extended quarter panels. The total weight including bag and pegs is just 4 kg.

Using the same concept as the Lo Pro, ESP have just launched the Hideout – a full brolly system that will be in demand too.

Price: £149

Manufacturers’ Comment

“The Lo Pro has sold very well, especially appealing to the overnight and travel light type angler.

“The angler who wants to keep weight to a minimum and have a shelter that due to its design, still offers excellent coverage while being quick and easy to put up and take down.

“After the seed of a concept idea proved workable, the Lo Pro was developed and tested over nearly two years through all four seasons, and performed admirably throughout.

“It is a genuine development on the oval umbrella theme and is the perfect shelter for the discerning angler who wishes to travel light and stay mobile.

The Hideout, just launched, is a full brolly system based on the same concept, but with a larger/higher frame with an integrated front and removable door.”