“WE want you to build your own perfect boilie and don’t hold back,” that was the gist of the brief first given to carp ace Terry Hearn by the team at Dynamite.

The result was the complex but subtle, fishmeal and meaty Dynamite Complex-T Boilie Range. And, not surprisingly, it’s banked some whackers since its launch.

This is a real food bait providing all the nutritional requirement that a carp needs – all year round.

It’s easy to digest, with a soft open texture for maximum leakage. And it’s been made with the highest quality ingredients with no artificial colours or flavours.

Quality ingredients include Norwegian LT94 fishmeal, Haith’s birdfood and Robin Red, pre-digested liver extract, spirulina and high nucleotide yeast. Plus a specially developed exclusive feeding trigger which completes the important nutritional profile.

The Dynamite Complex-T range includes some nice little 12 mm baits plus 15, 18 and 20 mm shelf-lifes, with some frozen options. There’s Foodbait pop-ups in 15 and 20 mm with liquid booster and Fluro’s.

For getting round those nuisance species you can buy mixed sizes of hardened hookbaits in one pot. Corkball foodbait pop-ups and Fluro versions are also available in 15 mm along with wafters of the same size.

Dynamite Complex-T also sees two dedicated liquids, one a rehydration liquid, the other a thick sticky dip specially for hookbaits.

Price: Boilies from £10.75 a kilo. Pop-ups from £6.50

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Out the outset we pretty much gave Terry Hearn a free rein on ingredients, it’s been really successful.

Complex-T has been our best-selling boilie this year in the UK and in Europe, which is a measure in itself. The feedback from anglers at shows and on social media has been great too. And it has attracted a lot of ‘non Dynamite’ anglers over to us.

“They like the soft open texture, natural ingredients, the interesting meaty flavour  – and mostly the results. It’s quick acting and anglers have seen the benefits.

“A lot of personal best carp have been caught and not only that on waters that have been really struggling it has performed time and time again.”