THANKS to the 6.2:1 gear ratio on the latest generation of Quick FZ reels available through DAM you can work your lures from slow to fast and keep in touch with them at all times ready for a strike.

The new 7 BB, Quick FZ’s come with a more open rotor and super lightweight handle, with an ergonomically shaped EVA handle knob that’s more comfortable to grip – whatever the weather.

The micro-adjustable front drag will get the thumbs up too and the fact that these reels come with a double anodised aluminium spool, suiting braided mainlines, plus a graphite spare.

Other useful features include an ultra thick stainless steel bail wire, S-curve oscillation system, a computer balanced Anti-Vibro System rotor and oversized drag washers for improved drag force, and infinite anti-reverse.

There are four sizes – the FZ 100 FD taking 200 m of 0.20 mm line up to the FZ 400 FD with a capacity of 225 m of 0.30 mm line. A tidy reel package in a nice range of sizes, for the angler looking for a fast retrieve fixed spool.

The largest size reel retrieves just over a metre of line per handle turn, whilst the smallest still retrieves 82 cm!

Price: from £49.99

Manufacturers’ Comments

“Since their launch at the start of the year we’ve had positive feedback about this reel series, primarily aimed at the lure angler, but with definite appeal across other disciplines.

“These reels are a stunning example of German engineering from one of the most established reel manufacturers’ – Quick with plenty of pedigree.

“Packed with features and super smooth with seven ball bearings, all in a stealthy dark, high impact ABS-graphite body and rotor with subtle additions of EFFZETT red, they’re a perfect match for the EFFZETT predator rods.”