WE REALLY liked the look of the Cygnet Tackle Skyliner Pod.

They are perfect for carp anglers fishing lakes or barbel enthusiasts on big rivers.

You might think twice about that price tag, but it’s versatile, looks stable, comes with a decent package, and it’s likely to be well-made.

Thanks to those twin central bars and the A-frame tripod design, it is a stable, three-rod set-up.

Supplied with 12 in., 18 in. and 36 in. extending legs, you can fish your rod tips down or up, and if you remove the back legs, it can be set-up in a ‘sit up and beg’ position.

Take our word for it, it’ll still be stable.

The system is extendable for either 12 ft or 13 ft rods, and the legs are fully interchangeable.

It comes with three buzzer bars, three Butt Caps and a carry case. All in, the Skyliner Pod weighs 4.5kg.

Price: £219.99