ONE of three well thought out X-TRA floatation slings launched by Chub, which we first saw at the Sandown Carp Society Show.

This one is a little bit different and it impressed – it comes with a built in aerator for ensuring you carp stays in tip top condition whilst it’s retained.

The first retainer sling with an integrated oxygen pump, it’s designed to beat those low oxygen situations – like shallow, warm margins, so your carp can recover in double quick time.

The aerator – like a livebait pump, sits above the water, and runs off 1.5 V batteries. You simply feed the air line inside the sling and turn it on, to aerate. There are two aerator settings – a slow trickle and a more vigorous one.

Designed to give your prize, the important ‘boost’ it might need, anything that can help a fish recover quicker has to be a big plus.

Other features include full-length floats, four carry handles and a strong webbing weigh strip with ring. Plus there are reflective panels for easy night time location.

We think it’s an interesting carp care idea, even if we get our fish back in the water quickly, it doesn’t mean that the margins are an oxygen rich environment.

Price: £64.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“Carp safety has always been at the heart of Chub, to ensure the fish go back in as healthy state as possible and giving our quarry a rest in an oxygen rich environment is why the X-TRA Protection Oxygen Floatation Sling was conceived.

“From the trials when the sling was at a prototype stage we found that the fish would, more often than not, position themselves so that the bubbles of air were right below their gills, suggesting that they searched out the extra oxygen to recover from the exertion of energy.

“As soon as we released the X-TRA Protection Oxygen Floatation Sling it made a big impact and was a large talking point on social media, this is because most anglers have fish welfare at heart and the least stress the fish has to endure the more chance that it will get caught again in a healthy state.”