THREE great, pure Antarctic krill additions from CC Moore came onto the bait scene and impressed… adding to an already exciting crustacean range.

The attraction of krill is its high-quality protein and essential amino acids, as well as oil rich in nutritionally beneficial omega-3 fatty acids.

The 10 x 14 mm buoyant dumbbell hook baits are highly concentrated, hand-rolled, dried and boosted with soluble krill protein liquid, designed to disperse easily at all water temperatures and release powerful appetite stimulators.

Coming in a washed-out pink, it’s easy to trim these hookers or balance them, and expect them to last for 18-hours-plus.

The accompanying Krill Bag Mix is a moist, loosefeed mix containing high levels of CC Moore’s natural Krill Micromass and Krill Meal, making it perfect for PVA bags and sticks, especially when you’re fishing with savoury hook baits.

Last, but not least, the potent little marine protein, 2mm Krill Pellets are packed with high levels of soluble, natural fish attractors, too, to instantly stimulate fish to get their ‘heads down’.

Outstanding when coupled with CC Moore’s Frozen Krill or Whole Krill Extract in loosefeeds, and for boosting with Krill Amino Compound.

Again, these are all-year round attractors, and they are just as likely to appeal to barbel and other species as to carp.

There aren’t many fish on this planet that turn their noses up at pure Antarctic krill.

Prices: Hookbaits £6.49 for 50; Bag Mix £5.99 a kilo; 2 mm Pellets £5.99 a kilo.