CATFISH accessories are a bit bigger and bulkier than most, especially when you start bringing dumbbell rigs into the equation.

Catfish-Pro released this specially designed Tackle Bag to store such terminal tackle, complete with two rigid tubes, to protect those more fragile boom set-ups.

There’s some versatility in the size of the smaller bag compartments, as the dividers are removable, so you can tailor the bag to what you want to carry.

There are also zipped pockets in the lid. The dimensions are 60 x 24 x 8 cm, and everything is easy to get at.

As well as the unloaded bag, you can save yourself a tenner by opting for a Starter Loaded Bag (containing two rigid tubes, two polyball rigs and some bait shields) worth £59.99 – ideal for getting you off the mark.

There’s also an Expert Loaded Bag (containing two rigid tubes, an Expert dumbbell rig, 100 lb swivels, XXL stopper heads, bait shields, Catlink XT 70 lb, Toughlink Fluoro 44 lb, 0.75 in. Pro poppers, and some Eagle Wave Size 1 barbless hooks) worth £90.

Prices: Tackle Bag – £29.99; Starter Loaded Bag – £49.99; Expert Loaded Bag – £79.99; Extra Rigid Tubes, 60 cm long – £3.50