ANYTHING that makes your bait stand out can be a big plus, whether it’s on a big pit or a commercial fishery.

And fish do show certain preferences in certain water conditions, and light levels, which is why it pays to ‘ring the changes’.

Adrenaline Nano Pellet Boost does exactly what it says on the tin, you just need to add a teaspoon of the unique attractant to soaked feeder pellets and they will give off an attractive colour cloud which fish home in on, as the bait drops.

Nano Pellet Boost is available in a bright fluorescent ‘green cloud’, ‘yellow cloud’ and ‘red cloud’ colours, as well as a ‘white cloud’ which we particularly like the sound of, for ‘stand out’ hookbaits.

Method Crystals are also available for adding into your method feeder mould to give off a highly visual fog to draw fish in.

And a thick and concentrated liquid called Plasma is complete with its own potent aroma and flavour trail. Add it to the feed on your Method feeder or individually to baits like pellet, corn and meat to attract fish. Look out for them under the Adrenaline banner.

Plasma comes in Corn, Meat, Black Worm, Red Worm, Pellet Green and Pellet Natural flavours.

Price: £4.99

Manufacturers’ Comment

“We knew that top anglers were using coloured pellets and using certain colours dependent upon the venue and time of year to attract fish and win matches. Green being one of the obvious choices over the last few years.

“It was also known, by those in the know, that lighter almost-white pellets could attract more bites when used as a hook-bait.

“No-one had developed a powerful, safe powder that allowed anglers to colour pellets as and when they wished. No one had developed something that, when applied to the pellets, would give off a colour smoke trail in the water.

“Nano Pellet Boost does all these things and is incredibly powerful, just a teaspoon can transform a kilo of small feeder pellets into an attractive colour mist/smoke trail!

“What’s more, the white powder can be applied to hook baits to make them stand out and chosen by carp.

“We missed some sales in 2017 because it took until July to get it on the market… But sales have been strong since and, along with our Plasma and Method Crystals, the Adrenaline Baits additives range is transforming many anglers’ fishing.

“Sales continue to grow and over 250 retailers will have the range available by next spring.”