Struggling to find the kit you need, or are the the pockets of your carryall spewing forth random tackle items? Read on...

Here are a few storage solutions that might help tame the tackle overspill in your life.

They’re aimed more at carp anglers, but every angler will get some top hints here, from Mail contributor Colin Davidson…

Any sensible carper will have spare PVA for those red-letter days when bites keep on coming.

I carry a refill spool in a clip lock kitchen storage box which keeps it dry even when all my luggage clothes and everything i touch is wet.

Small nylon dry bags are also useful for keeping packets of solid bags sealed against moisture and damp.

Hooks have two homes, a ten compartment Mustad Magic box holds all the bulk spares of the patterns I rely on.

A wad of high density foam cut to size stops them banging about too much.

I also carry a fly fisherman’s box, a flip open foam lined case in which hooks that have had the jag sharpening treatment are stored.

The larger clear topped Nash D-pouch is the perfect storage for both sizes of Spombs or other spods if you still use them.

You’ll fit half a dozen in there along with spare leaders and a casting glove or finger stall.

When you’re heading to a spod water, bung it in, if not leave it at home.

Markers, the odd standard float and surface controller are stored in a cut down thin plastic rod tube – as cheap as chips.

Noticed that there are always some items too big to go in a tackle box?

I really like the clear fronted thinking anglers zipped pouches.

There are two sizes; the smaller is perfect for for packets of terminal tackle items or smaller hook length spools. The larger pouch is dead right for spools of mono link material and leaders – but you can use these for storing pretty well anything you like.

Cut your tackle box contents in half by taking everything out of its original packaging.

Mustad Magic Boxes again provide the solution, and carry all the beads, swivels, rings, shank stops, hair stops, hair stops and other tiny items you need day to day.

Anything bigger can be stored in one larger flip top box.

HOW DO YOU STORE YOUR KIT? If you have some top tips drop an email to: