ANGLER’S MAIL is number one for fishing tips and tricks! Check out this technique on how to band hard pellets.


Pellets are brilliant baits on most venues – we all know that, but how you present them matters.

The alternative to soft pellet is banded pellet.

The advantage of fishing like this is that the pellet on your hook is exactly the same as the pellet that you are feeding.

Hard pellet presentation has been made so much easier by the invention of this useful bit of kit (the bandit shown here is by Mosella but many top brands make them equally as good). These make loading of 3 to 14 mm pellet much easier.

Simply roll a couple of bands onto the prongs and then press down the black button which opens the prongs, ready for a pellet to be loaded. Release the black button so that half of the pellet is clamped in the prongs.

Roll one of the bands down the prongs until it is just clear of them and situated in the middle of the barrel of the pallet as shown.

Now push the black button to open up the prongs and release the banded pellet. You can now hook the pellet through or underneath the band.


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