MANY anglers still prefer to make some products - to save money and gain and edge - and here's a flat feeder worth creating.

A reader asked Angler’s Mail to show him how to make a cheap feeder rig to use with water-softened pellets.

This type of feeder has become very popular and is regarded by many as a rival to the pellet feeder.

1 Gather the materials. You will need a green milk bottle top, a biro pen tube, a small sheet of lead and a strong adhesive such as Araldite or Super Steel.

2 Trim the milk bottle with scissors to leave a slightly smaller lip on the lid.

3 Drill two holes opposite each other in the sides of the lid.

4 Insert the Biro tube and glue it in position.

5 Using the base of the lid, scribe a circle on the lead and cut out the disk.

6 The lead disk is glued in position.

7 The feeder is attached with the line running through the biro tube and stopped by a rubber bread and swivel to which the hook length is attached.

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