HERE are a couple of techniques to help you cast with a centrepin reel, explained by Bill Rushmer.

Beginner’s cast with a centrepin reel

When learning to cast you are best off casting using loops of line.

To do this, use your fingers and pull loops of line from between the rings lower down on the rod.

The more loops you make, the further you can cast.

Using loops, you can either cast from the side, under arm or directly over head.

All you need to do is release the loops when you feel the pull on your fingers as you cast the tackle out.

The great advantage of this is that you can cast fairly light weighs with it.

Advanced cast with a centrepin reel

1 Possibly the most advanced cast involves spinning the drum and is best attempted when you have gained complete mastery of the centrepin.When casting off the centrepin, you are best advised to be using fairly heavy float gear.

2 Start off with the rod behind you and cast it out.

3 By the time the float is in front of you, you need to pull a loop to set the reel running so that it is letting out line as the float travels out.

4 As soon as the float hits the water, you must instantly use your finger to apply a breaking on the drum of your centrepin to stop it over running and causing a tangle.


Now watch this video of Bill Rushmer explaining how to use a centrepin reel on stillwaters.

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