RICHIE LOFTHOUSE – one of the Korda carp boys – stars in the Angler’s Mail magazine this week and gives an insight into how to make a terrific rig work.

Richie was out fishing at a top day ticket coarse fishery to demonstrate the effectiveness of his rig and his special bait combination. And he delivered the goods for our Action Replay camera!

Here, online, we bring you bonus pictures to provide an extra insight into how the rig works…

Using fluorocarbon main line and sinking the line properly is a great edge on some venues.


















Clay on the lead is often a good sign that fish have been feeding in an area.


















Clip up for accuracy. Also, if you swap to a close spot, notably on smaller commercial-style lakes, leave your line in the clip in the clip after you change. Then it will be ready so you can cast back on a further spot (like an island or far bank margin) later if needs be.













Richie traps his hair using PVA tape, this eliminates tangles!

















Cell bolies tipped with colourful Mainline pop-ups – Richie rates these as a winner on any venue.














And get ready for brilliant regular bloggers on this website, including some names in carp fishing and lots more!


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