On board a boat it is important to keep things tidy when space is at a premium. Accidents can happen all too easily. Steve keeps a small kit bag of spare terminal tackle items, plus a hook sharpening tool and forceps, always close to hand.

A purpose-made unhooking glove allows for easier and safer handling of pike. Avoiding being lacerated by the gill rakers or the ferocious teeth makes a lot of sense.

On top of Steve’s tackle box he has pads of foam. These are used for temporarily holding lures. Keeping the hooks in the foam stops them falling on the bottom of the boat or catching in other items such as nets or clothing.

The central area of the boat is used for an unhooking mat. A soft unhooking mat on a boat safeguards the landed pike when it is being unhooked, and you should not be without one.



VIDEO! Watch Steve Collett at top pike water Estwaite by clicking this video, below