Wanto make your own fishing float? It can be an addictive hobby and there’s nothing quite like catching fish when using your own creation.


Here’s how to make a balsa waggler float which is ideal for fishing a few rod lengths out.

1 To make this kind of fishing float you will need sanding sealer, 3 mm or 4 mm diameter balsa wood dowel, black and green paint, a razor knife, Araldite glue and emery paper, fluorescent paint, a bait drill and cocktail sticks.

2 Using the sharp knife cut a piece of the balsa dowel to length. This is normally 5 to 7 inches. The bait drill is then used to drill holes in both ends of the dowel to take parts of the cocktail sticks.

Mix the Araldite glue and glue in a short length of cocktail stick pointed end first to take the float adaptor. Then glue in a longer section to form the tip of the float. Leave to let the glue set.

4 Smooth the float using emery paper to remove any edges on the glue and then apply a coat of sanding sealer and allow it to dry. Once fully dry give it a light flatting over before applying a second coat and flatting again.

Using correction fluid give the tip an undercoat of white.

Paint the body of the float black. To get a neat finish to the edges or black rings it is best to hold the float against a rigid flat surface and place the wet paintbrush over the top. Then rotate the float to complete the circle.

Paint the tip with fluorescent paint. You’ll notice this float has a black section under the coloured tip and then a white section which is done to improve visibility of lift bites.

The black body is given a stipple over with green paint.

9 The body and tip is given two coats of varnish to finish off the float.