SHARP hooks are arguably the most important part of any angler's tackle.

Sharp hooks fan Angler’s Mail columnist Colin Davidson tells you how to make your own hooks sharper, and the tools required for the job.

Follow Colin’s simple steps and you’ll not only be hooking more fish, you’ll be landing more too on your sharp hooks.

These tools from JAG make sharpening hooks easy and hasssle free, they do a superb job and are small enough to keep in your tackle box.

First job is to secure the hook in the SP Vice. It’s a typically precision engineered bit of kit that secures any size of hook via a knurled thumbscrew. The large, flat cross-section around the clamp helps keep files steady and improves control when sharpening.


In conjunction with the vice you’ll need files and/or stones. The SP Max file is a coarse tool to remove metal more quickly, but you can achieve a keen point using the medium (red) and fine (green) SP stones – you’ll just need a few more strokes with the medium to narrow a point down. The stones store inside the handle of the vice.


Ensure the hook is protruding only a few millimetres above the clamp and is parallel with the jaws. Using the medium (red) stone, hold it flush to the point, making steady strokes down the point following the natural angle of the hook and keeping the stone touching the clamp to guide you.


Make four to six steady strokes down one side of the point, then repeat the other side. Using the Jag Ultra Eye magnifier, check that you have created a point that is symmetrical. Now use the red stone along the top of the hook to sharpen a third side.

After once again checking the shape of the point you have created with the Ultra Eye, repeat with the finer (green) stone to finish and polish the point.

There are excellent instructions in the packaging, and viewing the video demos on the Jag website ( is highly recommended.

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