PIKE fishing time is here - and these five tackle tips could help you enjoy more predator sport soon.

  1. A good set of reliable unhooking tools is a must when piking, to make the task of removing trebles easy. Forceps and wire cutters are essential.
  2. A large landing net, a weigh sling and scales plus a soft unhooking mat should be within reach at all times when pursuing pike.
  3. Sometimes it’s necessary to revive a pike in the margins for a while. A dedicated pike tube is a very useful device to facilitate this. It also doubles as a place to hold a few livebaits.
  4. Drop-off bite indicators are effective for piking and are very sensitive to small movement on the line when a pike picks up the bait. They allow you to to fish with the bail arm open so that the pike can run freely and feel no resistance before it stops and turns the bait prior to swallowing it.
  5. Use barbless or semi barbed treble hooks, or even simpler doubles. Crush the barb on the hook which will penetrate the mouth of the pike to facilitate easy removal.Be sure to read Angler’s Mail magazine every week for the latest big catches, hotspots, top tackle and expert advice!